Sun Dying

Today was great!  I was in charge of the sun dying at our Undercover Gals quilt group.  We have done this about 3 years in a row now.  It is always so much fun for everyone, that nobody wants to miss it.

This year we invited another quilting group called Bethel Homemakers.  My friend Barb also came from about an hour south of us.  She is very involved in 4H, Homemakers, and a quilting group from Slippery Rock University.   Everybody brought a dish to share for a potluck lunch too. (YUM!!)

We were delighted that a few of our members that had been ill this spring were able to join us too.  One chose not to participate, and the other brought her daughter and grandkids to dye her share of fabric.

Our group bought the Pebeo Setacolor Transparent paint from  I highly reccomend them!  We also bought 2 full bolts of muslin to cut up and divide equally among our members.  The visitors had to bring their own fabric and they also gave us a donation to help pay for the dye.  (ok, I know it is technically paint, but I still call it a dye sometimes)

Some different things that we used to lay on top of the wet, newly colored fabric:  coins, rice, salt, lima beans, oyster crackers, leaves, flowers, grass, stones, lifesavers.  Where ever you put an object down, it remains light.  The area around it turns darker in the sun.  How fun is that??  I prefer to not use all that stuff, and just let the crinkles in the fabric be interesting.

Every year we make a quilt for the church to pay our “rent” for using the social hall all year.  Next year the quilt will be made of these fabrics.

Here are some pictures from today:






There is a great set of directions/tutorial at the Dharma website if you want more info on how to do this kind of dying.  We used a whole little jar in 3 or 4 cups of water.  We diluted the dye MUCH more than recommended.  That was done on purpose, as we were trying to make a little stretch a long way.  And they wanted pastels.

Thanks for looking.  And if you do anything similar, let me know!


Quilting Meme

I have been fascinated by blogs for about a year now. I have never participated in a meme, but I have read many.

A meme is something that travels quickly from one person to another, whether through email, blogs or some other way. When a meme is found on a blog, it is usually a list, or series of questions that you answer, then ask others to do the same on their blog.

So today, I am going to post a Quilting Meme. I got it from the blog called Susan in Stitches (see my blogroll in the right hand column). Susan is from Australia and I have enjoyed her blog for some time now. I changed the list just a little bit, to “Americanize” it some.

Here are the rules:

Bold for things you’ve done
italic for things you want to do, and leave the rest normal.

4 patch

nine patch

log cabin
curved piecing by hand
curved piecing by machine
hand applique

hand applique with fusible / blanket stitch
reverse applique [ hand or machine ]
hawaiian applique
machine applique
whole cloth
english paper piecing by hand
strip or string piecing
kaleidoscope or mandala [ not stack and whack]

stencilled quilt
hand quilting

machine quilting
quilted commercially with a longarm machine
3D folded flowers
made a quilt on commission
sold a quilt other than a commission piece
taught quilting at any level
stack and whack
stack and slash

embellished with embroidery, beads, etc
celtic applique / bias work
Amish style quilt
Cathedral Windows
stained glass quilt [ any method ]

had an original design published
written a quilt book
scrap quilt
baltimore applique
sampler quilt
japanese design
foundation piecing
crazy patchwork
silk fabrics
cotton fabrics
woollen fabrics
row quilt

1930s or feedsack fabric
1880s reproduction fabric
tea cosy
item for an animal
hand dyed fabric
round robin
non-traditional quilt

traditional quilt
full sized bed quilt


bag or purse
patchwork or quilted clothing
christmas themed [ quilt, wallhanging, stocking, etc ]
medallion quilt
raffle quilt
baby quilt
landscape quilt
participated in a group challenge
exhibited a quilt overseas
made a prize winning quilt

patchwork balls
flannel quilts
alphabet quilt

embroidered quilt

If you want to play along, copy this list to your blog and then follow the rules. (Here is a tip: copy and paste it into a Word document for easier formatting. If you highlight the list in Word, then click Edit, then Clear formatting, it will speed up the process.) Have fun!

Gayle (who is working on a longarm specific meme)

Some Favorites

Some of my friends that have blogs have been posting some of their favorite things, so I thought I would too.

Ok, no question Bizzy is my favorite. She is my only grandchild. She is getting a new brother in the next month or so. Elizabeth is 3. She called me today to tell me her phone number. And when I asked if she wanted my phone number, she said wait, let me write it down! And she did! She is so funny, and of course she is beautiful. In this picture she is showing off her new pretty green furniture and her quilt that I sent her for Christmas. See the matching quilt on the doll bed? She is pure joy to me.

If you want to see how adorable she is…. read her reply to me on the “Welcome to the Farm” topic!  She typed, then her Mom interpreted.  She typed her name and age correctly by herself.



I also like flowers. Almost all flowers. This poor clematis is lonely. It is the only bloom we have this year on the plant. (If you click on any of these smaller pictures, they will come up larger.)


These are 2 of my favorite cows. They are Hereford/Angus mix. They are my favorites because they have black tongues. If you look carefully at the one on the right (Prissy) you can see it. Crybaby (on the left) doesn’t stick out his tongue as much. Um, that’s not true. He is just too darn fast with his tongue to let me get a picture of it! He is our bull. I call this picture “Happy Tongues”. Oh….. that is a fly block they are licking. We give them salt and mineral blocks in the winter. In the summer they get fly blocks to cut down on flies. The medicine in it kills the larvae in the manure.

happy tongues

This is one of my favorite pictures. Everything is round and red and looks like it is moving. I also like it that the hay is in round bales and that means it isnt in the barn. I cant go in the barn when it is full of hay. It gives me asthma. I like most things because of shape and color….. and I especially like this combination of shapes and colors.


OH! and Steve! …… he is my favorite. This is his “Jesus picture”. No offense to anyone, but really, some people have said that to him when they see this picture.



And the Winner Is……..

Thank you all so much for making the last day really fun for Steve and me. We have been watching the guesses come in for our contest. And we stayed up until midnite to see what the final count was. (yep, we need a life!)

Yesterday, we had a total of 784 hits to our blog. And 365 views of the topic Paradigm Shift.

WOW. We had no idea. Really.

There were 13 people who registered a guess.

Randi Allen won with her guess of 777 blog hits. Only off by 7 hits. Impressive!

Patty VanHuis-Cox won with her guess of 395 views of the topic Paradigm Shift. She was off by only 30 views.

I will be contacting Randi and Patty to tell them how to claim their prizes of some of my hand painted fabric. Both of them are talented artists, so be sure to check out their blogs too. (they are on my blogroll to the right)

And for the rest of you? Thanks so much for playing along! And keep coming back. I have some more fun things planned too.

Gayle (who is giggling because today we will go over 1000 hits in one day)

Welcome to the Farm!

Lots of visitors in the last few days are new. Welcome!

I want to assure you that my main interests in life are art quilting, longarm (machine) quilting, traditional quilting, family, grandchildren and cows. Not necessarily in that order!

Here is a little art quilt that seems appropriate for the day. It is based on the book Animal Farm , by George Orwell. I had to read this novel in High School. It is one of those books that stayed with me . It meant alot then, and means alot today. Especially today.

Animal Farm, full

Thanks for visiting…… and don’t forget to vote!

Contest and “Common”

Let’s see who can guess:

1. how many hits my blog will get today

2. and how many times the topic “Paradigm Shift” is viewed today.

Both numbers will be determined by wordpress stats. Contest ends at 6pm, Eastern time, July 27, 2007.

I will dream up some prize for the winner. Winner will be the one who is closest to the correct number.

You must submit your guess to the comments section in order to qualify.


OK……. about “Common”

Steve is pretty hot. PAST hot. He is damn mad now. His status over on that other website that had the paradigm shift has changed his status to “COMMON”. Which means the parts of the website that you have to pay for by subscription, we can no longer access. HE PAID. No notice, no warning, no email. Gestapo tactics.

So we ask you…… if you think it cant happen to YOU, why not??? If it happens to us, it can surely happen to YOU.

Just call us……. umm…….. pissed off.


Just a little update on the continuing saga.  I went and deleted my art quilts from the Art Quilt section over there, because that is what I care the most about and I didnt think I needed those photos to stay there.

Steve wrote an email asking for his money back.

I wrote an email asking why it said my status was changed to UNPAID, when indeed Steve had paid for our account.

A bit ago a refund was deposited to my paypal account that said

Refund for LongarmChat.  Banned for policy rules broken 7/25/07.

What a bunch of………… well, you can fill in your own blank.

And the contest is still on!

Paradigm Shift

What happens when several thousand people belong to an online group that has a long-standing set of rules, and then the rules change mid-stream?  A paradigm shift.

I have just watched this happen.  I have belonged to an online group that has become my internet “home”.  But because of the paradigm shift, it no longer feels like home.

Let me explain.  The term “paradigm shift” was used in the book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn. He described a paradigm (in science) as what was observed, the kind of questions to be asked, how the questions were asked, and how the results were interpreted

In business and the Social Sciences, however, it refers to sudden changes in perception, or a sudden change in point of view.  It usually means this change is positive, or progressive; as opposed to negative or regressive.


So in MY little corner of the world, here is what happened.


Site owner got angry because their toes got stepped on.

Owner banned a member.

Other members got angry that said member was banned.

Membership is restless and asks questions.

Things are said in “public” that should have been private.

“Inside” business info is shared with the “outside” world by owner.

Owner now looks totally unprofessional.

Membership starts to balk, stall and choke.

Owner now asks for “help” with making NEW RULES.

Membership complies by offering suggestions.

Owner balks, stalls and chokes.

Members start leaving.

Owner makes up own set of new, harsh rules.

More members leave.

Owner sends out rules to membership with ultimatum: obey rules or leave.


Gee….. wonder what next step will be ???


See?  A paradigm shift.  Many of us thought the site was “safe, fun and educational”.  Thought we could agree to disagree and learn from each other.  Appreciated learning about new products in our industry, regardless of who sold them.  We never thought of it as advertising, but as learning.  We thought networking was a good thing, thus shared our blog addy, websites, who was a good teacher, who to buy thread from, who had a hot deal this month on pantographs, who was going to be teaching at the upcoming show.  None of this is allowed now.  And one has to wonder what the next step is??


The paradigm shift that saddens me the most is this.  We used to believe in each other.  We knew we could count on each other.  We knew help was a quick posting away, or a phone call or email. 

The shift is that with moderators that are “hidden” and “secret”, with “private” forums to discuss who has posted something today that they shouldn’t….. including on PRIVATE OFFSITE BLOGS……members no longer know who they can trust. 

This particular paradigm shift is not positive or progressive.  It is negative, regressive, oppressive and downright censorship. It has all become so ridiculously tiresome, paranoid and STUPID, that frankly I DON’T GIVE A DAMN anymore.


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