Contest and “Common”

Let’s see who can guess:

1. how many hits my blog will get today

2. and how many times the topic “Paradigm Shift” is viewed today.

Both numbers will be determined by wordpress stats. Contest ends at 6pm, Eastern time, July 27, 2007.

I will dream up some prize for the winner. Winner will be the one who is closest to the correct number.

You must submit your guess to the comments section in order to qualify.


OK……. about “Common”

Steve is pretty hot. PAST hot. He is damn mad now. His status over on that other website that had the paradigm shift has changed his status to “COMMON”. Which means the parts of the website that you have to pay for by subscription, we can no longer access. HE PAID. No notice, no warning, no email. Gestapo tactics.

So we ask you…… if you think it cant happen to YOU, why not??? If it happens to us, it can surely happen to YOU.

Just call us……. umm…….. pissed off.


Just a little update on the continuing saga.  I went and deleted my art quilts from the Art Quilt section over there, because that is what I care the most about and I didnt think I needed those photos to stay there.

Steve wrote an email asking for his money back.

I wrote an email asking why it said my status was changed to UNPAID, when indeed Steve had paid for our account.

A bit ago a refund was deposited to my paypal account that said

Refund for LongarmChat.  Banned for policy rules broken 7/25/07.

What a bunch of………… well, you can fill in your own blank.

And the contest is still on!


21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yvonne
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 17:47:57

    I always love a good contest. I would love to guess, hummmm I am thinking the number of visits will be 714 for the specific topic in question and 1000 for the site. 🙂


  2. Vicki W
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 18:23:13

    1 – 320
    2 – 290


  3. sammi
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 18:37:17

    Oh dear, oh dear. This is like counting the darned marbles in the jar! Now where IS my slide rule??

    1. blog hits – 53
    2. paradigm shift 55


  4. Christine
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 19:44:26

    Hmmm…I’m confused. (What’s new, huh? LOL!)

    I thought that the owners said they couldn’t restrict access like that without being banned completely. I really must’ve misunderstood because I still see you and Steve’s profile listed under the member list.

    I’d forward an inquiry to the “moderator” panel but I guess it just isn’t that important to me anymore. I couldn’t care less what response I’d get at this point.

    But things certainly do get curiouser and curiouser…


  5. sammi
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 19:51:21

    So …. are the “owners” now seeking lawsuits? I surely don’t understand that. You should have at least received an email stating “your refund is in the mail” ………


  6. Suzanne
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 19:55:59

    my guesses:

    blog hits: 550

    paradigm shift: 450

    the situation is utterly ridiculous. and keeps getting more and more ridiculous by the hour.


  7. Jan
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 20:18:05

    Wow…. seriously… they need a hobby… they should take up quilting.. I hear it’s relaxing…. and you learn good social skills…..

    Uhm…. blog 600
    paradigm 1000

    Me… I can’t even get a good whirlyball game up on my blog in spite 100+ hits and someone read every entry… comments and all… that’s a lot of time on their hands…. hope the day job boss isn’t hacked… or the people they plagiarized the new rules off of aren’t law suit happy….. anyone know a good free speech lawyer….. I think I’m going to google the correct terms….


  8. KK
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 20:27:24

    Oh, good grief. So…………….are they reading everyone’s private blogs themselves or do we have a little blog spy around here?


  9. Christine
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 21:13:34

    Sputter…sputter…gang…choke..spit! ROFLOMAO!!! JAN, that is too funny what you wrote. But I believe it may be very true. Quilting is quite good for the social skills. 😉


  10. Judy W
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 21:19:05

    Well, I’ve had 126 views on mine today (46 from one site alone) ?!?!?!? So I’m guessing you’re probably close to 300! And a normal day for me is maybe 30………

    Paradigm shift, well …… should probably be read oh at least 500 times, so I’ll make that my guess.

    I think I need a glass of wine tonight!


  11. rondabeyer
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 21:57:31

    I would guess 519 overall….
    I agree with Jan, they should get a hobby, quilting is good, possibly just get a “LIFE”.
    I am sorry this is happening to you both, you have support around here, hang in there.. Hugs to both of you


  12. AllenQuilts
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 22:31:15

    I have had an unusually high number of hits today. That’s great if it’s friends coming to see me. I love that. Not so much being checked up on.


  13. AllenQuilts
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 00:01:35

    #1 777
    #2 595


  14. Karen Langseth
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 00:38:01

    I guess I must have fallen off some turnip truck somewhere. I didn’t have a clue this was going on, I know the A-1 dealers were in the tangled web but that others have been banned is surprising to me. I guess I’ll have to start a new file in my favorite sights so I can save all your blog locations.

    Oh yeah, a guess #1 452 hits
    #2 452 views

    Karen L


  15. Patty VanHuis-cox
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 08:44:07

    1. 245
    2. 395


  16. Big Brother
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 10:26:25

    Well, I’m a big brother…specifically Gayle’s biggest brother. And I’m curious about this lame-ass place that pulled all that crap. Can someone email me with where it is, so I can see it out of curiosity?

    Gayle Ann, thanks for posting the quilt of our brother, and of course thanks once again for the beautiful rose qulit on our bed here in Boise. (She knows I have 70 rose bushes in my yard)

    Maybe some day I’ll actually get around to blogging, now that I’m getting rid of (at my boss’s insistence) the dozen mailing lists I’ve been handling.



  17. Jennifer Pielow
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 11:37:37

    Hello Gayle! That is ridiculous. I don’t understand how a good thing could go so bad so quickly… on a whim it seems.

    Should I post the words to “This used to be my playground?”

    Thanks for letting me know where to find you. I am adding a blog for me as time permits.


  18. myolivebranch
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 12:19:23

    my guesses are 634 hits and 579 on paradigm


  19. Nancy Hughson
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 14:45:06

    137 blog views

    104 blog specific


  20. Melissa Bryson
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 15:52:34

    We guess 330 hits and 205 for paradigm hits.


  21. Diane F
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 22:53:51

    Sorry I missed making a guess. I have a life and was busy quilting.LOL
    You are one of the regular blogs I do check and enjoy myself when I do.


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