While we were in VA, we went to Fredericksburg to tour some Civil War sites.  Gary (my first husband, and Neil’s Dad) was so generous to pick us up and take us on a tour of several places.  First he took us to Chatham Manor, the beautiful home of the Lacy family which was used  by Union troops  during the Civil War.

As you approach the house, you actually come to the back door through the back yard.  This is true of most houses that are on a river in tidewater Virginia and Maryland.  Is that true elsewhere?  I don’t know.  The “back yard” was stunning.  Much prettier than the “front” in my opinion.




The picture below is of a part of the front yard.  It has been way too long since I took an architecture class in college.  Help me out here Cinda…. whats this dome thing called?


I have always liked dormers on houses….. had to get a shot of them.


All three of us were fascinated by these trees.


Gary took us to the Confederate Cemetary too.  I thought my quilting readers would enjoy this photo, since the gate looks like a quilt design.


The cemetary was a moving experience to me.  I never knew anyone buried there.  I didnt have to.  The spirits of so many souls surrounded me….. I felt them.  Their history is OUR history.  I know them.  We all should know them.  They are our brothers and uncles and fathers and grandfathers.  They are our sons.  They lived before us.  And for us.   They fought for their families and their country….. for their freedom and for their beliefs.  They died before us.  They died for us.  And they live on through us.



On a quilty note….. today I burned the edges of batiks, painted and melted cellophane and used angelina for my online class.  JudyL asked where I was taking a class.  At Quilt University of course!  I have taken quite a few classes there, and only disliked one.  I think that’s a pretty good track record.  The classes are reasonably priced and I get to take them in my jammies.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. AllenQuilts
    Sep 29, 2007 @ 10:52:29

    Gorgeous photos…so lush & green. Thanks for sharing.


  2. CINDA
    Sep 29, 2007 @ 11:05:36

    Really, it’s a rotunda, but that term pretty much covers any round building covered by a dome. This looks like it was primarily an outdoor garden space (not a temple, or ‘building’). I’d call it a Roman gazebo, I guess. Cool photos.


  3. Jan
    Sep 29, 2007 @ 12:52:34

    Burned the batiks?!!!! Gasp… ok… now my curiousity is way up 🙂 Loved the background fabric that you painted for it.


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