Weekend Wonders

Saturday I did my trunk show and talk about art quilting for about 30 women.  They were interested, inquisitive and very polite.  I like it when the audience is polite.  My talk and show takes about an hour.  Usually, there are only 2 or 3 questions afterwards.  This group asked questions for about 40 minutes!  Maybe it was because they were mostly not quilters?  I wonder why, but don’t know why.

This little “dog and pony show” is my favorite thing to do.  Think about it….. telling others, teaching others…. about your passion.  And getting paid for it.  It really doesn’t get better than that.

The downside is this:  it is exhausting.  I have to be “on” the whole time.  I am not used to being “on” anymore.  I used to have to be at my hospital job.  I am out of practice.  So it is exhausting.  And…. I had to have clothes on.  Darn it, I thought it would be inappropriate if I wore my jammies and fuzzy slippers.  (Ok, I don’t have any fuzzy slippers, I just want some please.)  So it was tiring.  I came home and  napped.

Today I quilted for Steve so that he could build a new frame for the cow’s feed  trough thingy.  (technical term)  I don’t know what to call it.  And I am not asking him AGAIN.  (I asked twice today already and I already forgot.  AGAIN)

Now here is a wonder….. I won a prize from Vicki’s blog.  She is celebrating her anniversary in blogging.  Wander on over and say hi to her!  She shares all kinds of information on dying, threads, quilting and …… well, go see.

I spent a little time at a toy store and Walmart Saturday.  I was looking for a doll for my granddaughter that was NOT made in China.  I wonder where I can get one?  I think I will go search online.

I wonder if they make anything in the USA anymore?


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  1. shirley bruner
    Nov 13, 2007 @ 10:09:57

    i think you should MAKE your granddaughter a doll. there are lots of patterns out there. it would be personal, just from you to her. you could make it look like her. you get to dress her however you like. she could even get a little quilt to go with her. it’s a plan…..i know you can do it.


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