Jicama and What’s on your bed?

Wow, those two topics hardly go together!  And I don’t want jicama IN my bed either!

My friends often tease me about making them try new things to eat.  They absolutely refuse to try jicama.  Do you like jicama?  Do you know what it is?  No?  Well, let me introduce you.

First of all, it is pronounced heek-a-ma.  It is a kind of tuber and tastes kind of like an apple, but milder. It’s texture is like a crisp apple, but sort of like a turnip or potato too.  Hmmm, maybe you just need to buy one and try it!

Here is what you are looking for.


Honestly, this is the first one I have ever bought that had a big honkin tag on it with it’s name.  Maybe because most the produce folks in this part of the country don’t know what it is?  And hopefully, you will find a fresher one than we found.

So, when you want to eat it, you need to peel it first.  It has a thick skin.  So peel it off with a sharp knife.  Kind of like this:


You can dice it an add it to a salad.  Eat it raw.  Add to stir fry.  Or, my personal fav, dip in carmel sauce.  Do you know of anything edible that is NOT good dipped in carmel sauce?  (I am trying to think of what THAT would be)


Suzanne Earley, owner of MQResource, and a colleague I respect and admire; asked on her blog “What’s on your bed?”

I should be oh so embarassed to show you this.  But I admit it.  Here.  In front of God and everybody.   We, who quilt professionally……we, who pay our bills solely with money from quilting for hire……. we, who have won national awards for quilting….. we, who love and admire all things quilty…….


yes…… we have a KMart bed-in-a-bag 15 year old ratty not so fluffy anymore piece of crap comforter on the bed.  There.  I said it.  Oh my God.  I can’t believe I did.  Honestly, it is only on there in the warmer months.  And when it is hot, or when I have hot flashes (Kay calls them personal summers!) the damn thing is on the floor.

Luckily, the weather has turned cold and we have put the winter quilt on the bed.

See?  Proof!


This is Eleanor Burns’ pattern for a lattice quilt.  Except I made 12″ blocks.  She only includes directions for 6″ blocks, so I winged it.  Steve quilted it.  We both sleep under it.

And only Riley will give a rip which side I sleep on…… so go ahead and guess Riley!  You crack me up!


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