I wasn’t too energetic today, so decided to make some Christmas tree ornaments.  I used the computer software Kaleidoscope Kreator, as well as their CD for projects.  I bought the software 2 years ago, but just bought the project CD in Houston.  They had some ornaments there that were gorgeous, and of course that meant Sammi and I were game for buying!  (doesn’t take alot for us)

The reason I had to do these today is that my son posted new Christmas pictures of the kids and his wife.  Is this a great one or what??


William looks SO much like his Daddy did when he was that age.  He has grown so much!

So here is what I did today.




I have more printed, ready to cut, glue and glitter.  The cutting takes awhile.  I figure that will be a fun little project to take along with me to our Undercover Gals Christmas party tomorrow.  I printed 12 for the family of the young man that was killed in a car accident several months ago.  Both his Mom and his sister (the gal that cleans for me) are in the quilting group and can help with the project.  Two of the aunts come too, so they may just get recruited.

These really work better for pictures that are not of people.  I have a couple printed that are from photos of fireworks and flowers that are much more attractive.  I may post them tomorrow if I get them done.

Sammi….. if you decide to make any of these… make sure you print in landscape mode, not portrait.  Don’t know why it matters, but otherwise you cant get it all on one sheet.

The Christmas quilt countdown:  less than half a quilt left to do.  Steve will finish it tomorrow.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. myolivebranch
    Dec 10, 2007 @ 23:17:12

    kewl ornaments!


  2. sammi
    Dec 10, 2007 @ 23:42:16

    Thanks for the heads up! And what a great pic of Yvonne and the children. I like the ones of Elizabeth and William. Not sure what I’ll try yet.



  3. TK42ONE
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 09:44:49

    Those are crazy ornaments. At first glance they look normal, then I thought I saw a face and looked closer. Very neat.


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