Flat Stanley Letter 1

An editorial note to my readers:

Flat Stanley is a paper doll type of creature that has come to visit us from Kansas City.  His pal “Princess” (to protect her identity from creeps) sent him on a trip to see us so he could let her know about where we live.  I am sure he will also have plenty to say about the crazy people he is visiting!  I have no idea where else he will visit after he is tired of us, but you can check his very own blog to follow along if you like.


Letter 1    Dec 31, 2007  4:00pm

Dear Princess,

Wow, you sent me off on a very long trip!  I am in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania, staying with Gayle McKay and Steve Mazon, home of Mazon’s Quilting.  I arrived safely last night.

If you look at a map, you will see that they live about 13.5 hours (drive time) away from home in Kansas City.  It is approximately 870 miles.  Wow, that would be lots of driving.  I would have had to cross Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio to get to Pennsylvania.  They live on the western side of PA, so it is not too much past the Ohio line.  I sure am glad I didn’t have to sit in the car that long.  I just whizzed along on the internet superhighway instead!  I was still tired when I got here though.

Here I am, saying hello!


Did you know these people have quilting machines?  Not just one, but they have TWO!  And one of them is in the kitchen???  (I think these people are kind of weird Princess, but don’t tell them I said so)  They are both longarm quilters, just like your Mom.  Hey… if you are Princess…. is your Mom ummm, Queen??

Here is the Gammill quilting machine in the kitchen.   Is it like Queen’s?  Or does she have a different brand?  I forget.


I was real tired last nite after I got here.  I was cold too.  Gayle and I had some milk and cookies, then we sat by the fire to get warm.  She got her jammies on and wondered where mine were.  OOPS!  I think my suitcase got lost in transit.  She said she would get going on making me some new clothes real soon.


Before I went to bed, Steve was nice enough to read me a story.


When I got up today there was a little bit of snow on the ground.  By noon it had melted because it got a little bit warmer.  It is 39 degrees F now, but there is a winter storm watch from now until late Wednesday.  It is supposed to get really cold tomorrow, down in the teens.  Gayle won’t let me go outside tomorrow if it is that cold unless she is done making my winter coat.  I hope she finishes soon so I can play in the snow tomorrow.

Gayle took me to a store called Dollar General today and bought me some shoes and slippers.  We didn’t find a coat, so she will make me one.  I know I will need one.  It was chilly today!

While we were at the store, we saw an Amish lady.  Gayle said it would NOT be polite to ask to take her picture.  They believe that photos are a sign of vanity.  They live a different lifestyle, and dress differently than the rest of us “English”.  You can find out more about Amish people here.   The Amish also use horse and buggy for transportation and don’t drive cars.  They will ride in a car though.  The lady I saw had on a long black dress, a black wool cape and black hat.  Here are some pictures of what some women dress like.

When we got home, I got put to work.  Steve was cutting and splitting wood and needed me to help him.  I was plenty warm working so hard.  And see Steve’s jacket?  I think Gayle should mend THAT before she starts any clothes for me!


Steve took me to the barn to show me around.  He has 3 tractors.  He uses each one for different jobs.    Look what I saw in the barn….. aVERY big mama cow laying down.


And here is the cute baby calf.  It is a week old and still has no name.  Would you like to suggest a name Princess?  Steve is interested in your ideas.  The calf is a boy, by the way.


The Mom Cow (her name is Bessie) got up and the calf started to eat.  He drinks milk from her udder.  He also nibbles on hay a little bit.  When he gets bigger he will learn to eat some ground feed.  It is ground corn, oats, salt, molasses, distillers and minerals.


And then……. well, you just won’t even believe it!  Steve thought I needed my VERY OWN horse to ride!


Here I am learning to ride.


Well, I better quit writing so I can help get ready for the New Year’s Eve party.  We are having shrimp, salad and some other goodies.  I hope you have a great New Year.  The next time I write to you it will be 2008!

Love from your pal, Stan


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 16:58:17

    Name your baby calf Marshmallow!!! Thanks for being so nice my friend Stanley!! Thanks a lot and a lot!!! – The Princess


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  3. Jan
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 17:06:09

    ROTFL Mommy has a Gammill too. I didn’t know there was anything better 😉 Thank you so much for playing Gayle & Steve!! We will be checking out all that great information!! Thank you!!! – The Coffee Diva….. queen of something I am sure… queen of beans??


  4. kayp
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 17:25:00

    wow. gayle and steve you have sure set the bar high for the rest of us that are getting flat stanley! looks like he’s had quite an adventure at your house. 🙂


  5. KK
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 21:25:55

    Well, if I were Flat Stanley I’d just stay at Gayle and Steve’s forevery. My own horse?? What else could a guy want?


  6. Jami
    Jan 01, 2008 @ 01:18:29

    I agree with Kay! Flat Stanley won’t want to come to boring old Iowa after that trip! Looks like you are enjoying your visitor! Can’t wait for him to come to Iowa!


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