Thump and thankful

My friend Kay often writes about Thursday Thumpers in her blog. A thumper is when you wanna hit your head… or someone else’s! You need to read Kay’s blog anyway, just because it is the best entertainment out there. Spew warning though…. she will make you laugh so hard you will spew your drink. Check out what she has to say about her Mickey adventures while you are there too.

Ok, so Steve and I had a thumper kind of day. I have spent several evenings researching appliances and which stores I wanted to go to see and buy a stove and fridge. Why is it that when one appliance goes, it has to take a friend with it? Kinda like old married couples….. one dies, the other dies soon after. I think our stove and fridge are married. Or at least living in sin. And they are bi cultural and biracial. One is white, one is beige. One came from Steve’s trailer, one came from my house. Oh…. but I digress.

So off we go to shop. We go to store 1. Closed. As in forever, out of business. I did just look at their website this am to see where it was. Little thump.

Store 2. There about 30-40 mins. Didnt see anything I was too thrilled about. Prices were ok. The guy opens fridge and I jiggle the little rack on the door and he says, “oh that cant be right. its too chintzy. it wasnt put in there right” so I look at the next one (same brand, same chintz) and he says “see how much better this one is?” uh huh. “delivery is only 20 bucks” and “if you see something you really like somewhere else, let me know and we can order it for you”. uh huh. If I find something i really like somewhere else I’m gonna BUY the dang thing! And I’m buying it somewhere else! thump!

Store 3. A big name you all know and love. Uh huh. I refuse to name it cuz I don’t wanna give em press, (but it starts with an S and then you have ears) So…. We are there over an hour. Ask a bazillion questions. Sale going on too. Guy is helpful and very patient. Sure, he wants his commission. Dont blame him. Finally decide which stove and fridge I want. I tell him. He goes to ring it up. Puts in the fridge number.

“We dont have that one. (I wanted white) You can have this floor model (beige) for the same price though. It doesnt have it’s box, but it is brand new, never been used.” (as I look around to see what the hell store I am in. this isnt a flea market is it? used???) Same price for same exact model in a color I dont want. Thumppity

So what about the stove??? I ask him….. “Not in stock. ”   Well what did I just look at???   “Well thats the floor model. And you cant have it cuz we need it to be able to sell more”

Sing it with me now…… THUMP THUMP THUMP

We gave up. Went to buy some groceries and came on home.

I’m gonna go buy appliances online.


I am thankful that the amaryllis has 2 more blossoms ready to bloom.


I am thankful for a multitude of jammie days in the month of January. And this is how far I got yesterday. I figure 2 more jammie days and I will be ready to quilt this:


I am thankful for books, and more so…. for the ability to read again. I bought a new book today. Actually 3, but 2 were for Steve, and since they are westerns, they dont count. I got The Innocent Man by John Grisham. I almost bought his new book that came out the other day, but will probably wait till it is out in paperback.


The cranky report:

Yep, I know I have been cranky. I get cranky when I try to be really good and lose weight. Cuz it is easier to be fat and eat whatever I want. I’m not gonna be as radical as Randi and post my weight (way too scary) and how much I lose each week…….. but I have lost some weight in the last 2 months.

The other reason I have been cranky is because I was worried about my grandson William. He has had a terrible time with eczema, allergies, his skin in general. They found out this week that for sure he has MRSA and finally he is on medicine that is helping and he is improving. I feel better that at least now they know what they are dealing with. Thank goodness Yvonne has an excellent allergist who is our new hero, and she found a new pediatrician that hopefully will listen to her.

I am SO thankful that William has a diagnosis and is getting better.


Yesterday’s Turkeys

Yesterday was all about turkeys. In every possible way I could mean that. So let’s leave it at that.

But how appropriate that I looked up while washing dishes and saw this:



This is only a few of them, as there were more than 20, maybe as many as 30.

Amaryllis Watch

We have been on “amaryllis watch” for the last week. I bought an amaryllis for Steve for Christmas. His family had a greenhouse for many years and he loves flowers. But he had never grown an amaryllis before.

He planted it January 2, but honestly, it already had a 4 green stem growing by then! Here it is, just 4 weeks later, in full bloom.

I tried to put together a little collage of the flower blooming. I took all of these pictures in the last 5 days, starting last Friday afternoon.  Remember, you can click on any photo on my blog to see a larger version.




Here it is, in all it’s glory.  Make sure you click on this one.  hpim1186.jpg

And that beautiful center.  Click this one too!


State of the Union

Every year we watch the State of the Union Address.

I was polite all evening.  Steve was the model of restraint and did not throw anything at the tv, nor did he yell at it.  He even refrained from interrupting Bush’s speech as much as normal.  (He had plenty of opportunity to respond while the clapping was going on by the one side of the aisle. )

Once again he told us nothing.  Nothing of value.

Most interesting to me?  The number of times he used the word empower.  (more than 8)  The number of times he wanted to EMPOWER ….. he wants to empower homeowners,  scientists, Doctors, the military, Congress…. you name it, he wants to empower.

Really.  How does one empower someone else when they have no power themselves??  The lame pathetic duck, empowering someone?  Excuse me while I go throw up.

Best part of the whole evening?  Knowing that it is the LAST State of the Union Address from George the Shrub I will ever have to listen to.  Thank God for small favors.


Whew!  I feel better already!

(What) Was I thinking?

What was I thinking? Translate that: Was I thinking??

Example 1:

Take 7 packages to the post office. 2 are already in boxes, labeled, ready to send. The other 5 need large envelopes or priority boxes. All 5 recipients in different states. All 5 have different contents. Some have similar contents. Pack up stuff in the appropriate envelope with the appropriate address, in the post office lobby while “catching up” with a friend I havent seen in a long time.

WRONG address on the packages. At least 2. Maybe more? I am still waiting to know. And of course, these are on the most important things I sent: my triptych art quilt pieces for the MQResource triptych challenge.

What was I thinking? Was I thinking?

Example 2:

I was cooking supper tonite, and see this…….


What was I thinking? Was I thinking?

And this is what I have been working on all afternoon:

I took the arch photo transfer, put it on a stabilizer, loaded it on the machine.


Then I tried to do some threadplay.  I have never done this.  Only in VERY small areas, not on a piece that is 8×10.  Which is funny….. cuz it is NOT 8×10 anymore.  Nowhere close.  I really should have started 4 or 5  inches bigger in each direction when I did the original photo print to transfer.   But then …… WAS I thinking?


My new machine is a dream.  It is running like a top.  The little piece above has 15 different thread colors/kinds in it so far.  I have even been able to run Signature variegated cotton, which I have never been able to do.  YAY!!

Photo Transfer Tutorial

I have been playing with some photo transfer techniques and thought I would share. (especially for Judy and Jan!)

There are lots of other tutorials and information on the internet, and I suggest you do a Google search and find out more for yourselves. I have read lots of directions, seemingly none the same. I had read that Heat n Bond (HnB) would not work. Had read the same for WonderUnder. WELL! That is all it takes to make me want to try it. (actually, I had some HnB lite and have not been out to JoAnns or WalMart, so decided to use what I had) I have played with this for a week now, and think I have my own method of what works for me.

Today (pajama day 7) I decided to work on one of the panels for my own Triptych. I finished all of my Triptych Challenge pieces, and mailed them out yesterday. So I need to do my own too! One will be pieced, and it is in progress. I thought this technique may be appropriate for one of my photos.

After you have your photo edited and sized how you want it, set it on MIRROR image if it is directional, then print it on regular computer paper. I happen to use the cheapest white copy paper Staples sells. I print the photo with printer settings on best quality and standard paper. I have an ink jet printer, by the way.

Here is my picture: (which I just now realized I forgot to mirror image)


Cut a piece of HnB lite (and that is the only weight of HnB I would use because the rest is too stiff) a little bigger than your picture. Cut a piece of white muslin, lawn or other fabric a little bigger than the HnB lite. (fabric doesnt have to be white, but keep in mind the fabric color can affect the outcome….so play a little!) You can also use very sheer fabric, but mine is all orange, pink or glittery and I havent been shopping. I have read organza works well and I need some. But hey, what longarm quilter doesnt have muslin cut offs handy for this kind of experimenting?

Iron the HnB lite to the RIGHT side of the fabric.


Peel off the paper.

Lay your printed photo on your ironing board, face up. Lay the bonded fabric, face down on top of photo.


Fuse with iron. I prefer to iron both sides at this point.

Let it cool. Take to sink and run water on PAPER side only, until paper is saturated.


Lay it on counter, fabric side down, and scrape off all paper. I use my fingers and a little scraper. Once it is all off, I give it a very quick rinse. Too much water makes you loose some color intensity.


I pat the fabric between paper towels to get rid of some excess water. Then iron between feedsack towels or muslin fabric so you dont get ink on your iron or ironing board.

And youre done, ready to stitch, frame, or use however you want!


And here is one for my triptych that will be made from pictures I took at Arches National Park in June 2007.


If you try my method, let me know how it works out for you. And if you know better ways to do it, let me know that too.

Edited to say:  I have NOT tried washing this yet.  Therefore, I don’t know how colorfast it will be.  If you happen to test that, let me know the outcome!  I dont plan on washing this little piece, so havent tested yet. 


Ok, I have written 2 long posts in the last 2 days and WordPress ate them both. Where did they go? and why?

This morning we were talking about dreams. Steve doesnt dream in his sleep nearly as much as I do. I dream every nite. I dont always know what the dream was about, but sometimes he does!

This is what part of the conversation was today:

G: So what was I doing? How do you know I was dreaming?

S: You were teaching in your sleep.

G: I was? What was I teaching?

S: Quilting, what else?

G: So did you learn anything?

S: No, it was hard to understand. It was kinda garbled. You know how it is, when you dream, your brain isnt connected up to your lips right.

G: …………………………… giggling

S: Hmmm, I think I know some people who dont have their brain connected up to the lips right during the day …….

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