Flat Stanley Letter 5

(Flat Stanley continues his visit ….. this time learning about animals)

Hello Princess,

I am in Western Pennsylvania with Steve and Gayle. I have not been very good about writing, I have been too busy learning new things.

Not only do Steve and Gayle have cows, but their neighbors   raise dairy cattle. The neighbors have to milk their cows twice a day.  Do you think brown cows give chocolate milk?  That is what Gayle thought when she was little.

Did you know that every year there is a Pennsylvania Dairy Princess?  Since you are a princess, maybe you know her?  Gayle and Steve saw her at the fair last year.

And other neighbors raise alpacas. You could find an alpaca ranch close to you by going here.

The alpacas have long hair that is called fiber.  They get a haircut every year.  They even use some of it to make expensive batting for quilts.  Gayle never tried it, has your Mom?

Here is a picture of some of the alpacas before the haircut last year.


And this is after a haircut.  I think they look funny.


Today Gayle dragged me along with her to her quilt group.  I didn’t want to go, but she made me.  I thought I would be bored, but Mary Jane needed my help in putting her blocks in the right order before she sewed them.


It was a bunch of old ladies, but I had fun anyway.  Boy, some of those women can talk!  And eat!   Carolyn even gave me a present to take home with me.   They were pretty nice.

I miss you, but plan to return home soon.

Your friend, Flat Stanley


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Spavlov
    Jan 08, 2008 @ 22:54:47

    Sorry I am not up there to meet flat Stanley …..
    Wish him luck from us …..Paul and Sally


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  3. freda1951
    Jan 09, 2008 @ 07:49:42

    Stanley is so stylish. Love his crocs.


  4. Jan
    Jan 09, 2008 @ 09:17:49

    Oh that sounds cool!!! And very fun!! Alpacas are very cool. I want a cow so we don’t have to go to the grocery store. Why don’t alpacas give people milk to drink?? I love you! Thanks Gayle & Steve!! – The princess

    Note from mom – I haven’t tried the alpaca batting but I would really love to. I think it sounds fantastic.


  5. AllenQuilts
    Jan 11, 2008 @ 21:07:11

    Stanley is getting a great wardrobe at your place, Gayle! I just want to grab those Alpaca heads and love on ’em!


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