Flat Stanley Letter 6, So long!

Flat Stanley has been a visitor for several weeks. This is his last letter home to his friend Princess.

Dear Princess,

I have been so homesick. I miss you. It is SO cold here. I have been trying to help Steve do outside “chores”. That means feeding the cows twice a day. When it is this cold I have to help him fill a 5 gallon bucket of HOT water from the bathtub and carry it 200 feet to the barn. The water freezes in the cow’s tubs of water, sometimes several inches thick. If that happens, Steve hammers through the ice so the cows can get a drink. Brrrrr……. that is a cold job!

He has also been having trouble with his tractor. The tractor he puts those great big round bales in the pasture with. He does this about every 5 days. The other day we just finished and Steve acted pretty unhappy. I didnt know why. At first I thought I did something wrong. But I didnt. The tractor had a very serious leak and wouldnt work anymore. It still doesnt work and we have tried to fix it for 2 days now. I finally had to come in and get warm and tell him I didnt wanna help anymore. He is going to have a tractor fixer man fix it for him. It needs a really expensive part.

I did get to ride on some of the tractors the other day though. It was really fun. It is so cold today that it wouldnt be fun at all. The windchill made it feel like -13 degrees. brrrrrrrrrr

I am going to come home next week I think. Gayle and Steve said I could stay longer, but I miss you and want to come home. I have started getting all my new clothes and stuff together to put in a bag. I dont know yet if I will come by truck or plane, but somehow I will make it.

See ya soon Princess!

Your friend, Stanley

ps. I forgot the pictures! Here they are:

I am pointing to the part that broke. Steve called it the power steering valve.


I finally had to sit and watch him, I got tired standing around.


Then I got to ride with Steve on the other tractor. He even let me drive!


Then he let me plug in the big orange one to charge the battery some. It starts better that way when it is so cold.


Did you know how big the wheels are on this big orange tractor? WOW!


PSS…….Steve fixed Gayle’s machine today. He is really good at being Mr Fix It. He fixes all kinds of stuff all the time. Gayle is SO happy her new machine works now.

See ya soon Princess!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. freda1951
    Jan 20, 2008 @ 20:10:45

    Wow, Stanley, you sure have been busy. Be careful in your travels.


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  3. Jan
    Jan 21, 2008 @ 09:01:35

    Whoa those tractor wheels are BIG! Glad Stanley has warm clothes! Thanks Gayle!! A leak? That’s no good! Glad Steve got your new machine fixed. Thanks Steve for letting Stanley drive! Steve you are nice! Just like your life (what the princess calls wife… it works for me)! Thanks again guys!!! – The Princess


  4. Jan
    Jan 21, 2008 @ 09:03:11

    Note from mom – I’m glad Steve got that fixed too!! Go Steve!! And thanks guys!!!! – Jan


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