Are you leaping with joy because it is leap year day?

Maybe you are leaping with joy because it is snowing? (again and still)

Or leaping with joy that you are doing what I am doing? (If you are working on tax stuff, I bet you aren’t using your longarm to organize your papers….. unless you traded your dining room table in for a longarm, like I did!) This is everything organized, ready to enter on computer.


This is what is left to do now…..


At least I am making leaps and bounds in progress.

I should enter all the paperwork onto the computer as it comes in, so “they” all say. But I really don’t enjoy this kind of work at all. So I save it all up for a few snowy days in the winter. This is day one. I hope to be done by Sunday nite. Monday at the latest. It all depends on how long I can stand it for any given day. When I’m done, Steve gets to take it to the accountant.

These cardinals were eating and drinking at a little low spot in the woods this morning. I love seeing them every morning.



Hungry Critters


We see critters often, but rarely feed them. And we never ever feed the deer. There are too many of them. The one above crossed the road in front of me, just as I had started down our road. I think he was headed to the corn field.

Wild animals fend for themselves. That is what nature intended right?

But this has been our week:



(I will spare you the details of the weather reports and predictions…. except to say it is the snowiest February EVER in our area.)

So we HAVE been feeding this little friend. Here he is eating a piece of bread. He has eaten 2 today so far. And it is whole grain, whole wheat in case you are worried! He also eats lettuce, but does not like grapes. (Sorry for the poor photo, but I snapped it tonite through the window when I turned on the yard light. He is directly behind my car, 8 feet from the back door.)


Maybe tomorrow I will give you a quilting report. Or not. Depends if I have pictures to share….. or if I decide to publish what I am working on instead. Decisions decisions decisions!

Granddaughter’s Flower Garden

This quilt pattern is normally called a Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I figured out a way to piece it in a non-traditional way, so I am calling it Granddaughter’s Flower Garden.

I may get more of it done later in the week. I cut it all out, but only only have this much sewn.



The weather is supposed to be a little warmer and more “normal: this week. It is possible that we may even get “out and about”! Hope the weather is better for all of you, too.

We have a busy week scheduled, so I may not blog for a few days. Not blogging usually means I’m not slacking!


About the MUSIC:  For those that hate it, or it gets you in trouble at work, I have set it so it does not play automatically.

For those that like it, you can click on the arrow to turn it on.  Or you can click on it to advance to the next song.

A Different Kind of Quilt

This quilt is different. I dont know the name of the pattern. She used one pattern for the center. Then made up the borders herself.

What is so interesting to me about this quilt is the mix of traditional and modern. The design, fabrics and piecing are all a mix. So when it came to quilting it, the client was baffled as to what she wanted. She also didnt want to pay for custom quilting on the entire quilt.

Our design solution was to custom quilt the center, and do the borders with a pantograph. The center is more traditional looking, the borders more contemporary. The transition is at the purple narrow border that goes around the perimeter of the mattress top.

This quilt is 115″x125″. Too big to take a picture of the entire thing. So here is the center with continuous curve and feathers:


And the HUGE borders with square spiral pantograph.



We went to town today. Eventful day! It warmed up to about 22, and was a beautiful sunshiny day. It was -3 early this am, so the heatwave felt great.

Steve sat in the truck while I was at the Dr.’s office. He waited an hour. He forgot to turn his headlites off. Uh huh. Dead battery. Luckily, his brother was home and came to rescue us with his little battery/jumper cables thingy. Steve sat in the truck running the engine, charging the battery, while I went to the bank, post office, and drug store. Then he came in to help me with groceries. Next stops were the gas station and feed mill before heading home.

The best part of the day? We saw 2 robins in the snow near the Dr’s office parking lot. They looked hungry. And I have lost 18 lbs in 2 mos. And I’m not hungry. So, that was a good day huh?


And the weather forcast for tonite? Yessirree….. 3-5 inches of new S N O W.


Notice the music in the side bar?  If you don’t like what is playing, you can click on the arrow key to switch it to the next song.  Or you can stop it all together.

Let me know how you like the music thing…..

Laugh till you hurt

I just saw Kay’s blog. OMG…… Steve and I laughed so hard we cried. You really need to go see this post:


And make sure you arent drinking or eating anything when you watch it. May also be a good idea to empty your bladder beforehand too!

Oh what pretty skin!

Finally, William’s skin is looking good. YAY for his Mom who has been so persistent with Doctors and medicine. And YAY for William that he isn’t so miserable!



I have been working on a batch of postcards all day.  I have no idea why, but I chose to do a more tedious, time consuming design.  What was I thinking?  Well….. I just like it!  Each one has machine embroidery on it, and that takes 10 mins to sew out.  I have about 12 more to sew out before I can quilt them and do the edges.  Good thing I have a month to do them!

The postcard theme is Your Birthstone.  Mine is aquamarine.  So the cards….. well….. think aquamarine.  The color aquamarine and sparkly.  Very sparkly.  Do you know what happens with sparkly, glittery fabric?  We will be finding sparkles forever, I am sure.  Now, if I could just get them all off of ME!  In places I never even touched!  They must just float around and migrate?  Oh my, you would be surprised what all can sparkle!

I also got these blocks done for a comfort quilt for Gina.  One of her sons was killed in a car accident, her other son was critically injured.  Ronda is putting the blocks together, then will quilt it and give it to Gina.  Hopefully, this is a way to help Ronda cope some with her own grief over the loss of her own son 2 months ago.



Weather?  You really don’t wanna know.


I am STILL reading  The Divide.  I should be done, but I haven’t spent much time reading.  (Steve, on the other hand, has read 4 books in the last 2 weeks.)  I may have to just sit under a quilt in my jammies and finish it.

I can do this

Well, thanks to the sweet emails from some of my friends, I can do this. Winter HAS to be almost over right? (uh huh, it is still snowing)

A very special thanks to Sally (and Paul too….. hugs to you both) who winter in Florida instead of Sandy Lake. Yeah, I know, they are smarter than I am. They are also talented artists, and wonderful friends. So Sally…… thanks for NOT telling me what fabulous weather you are having. And thanks for sending the hysterical Maxine cartoons.

Do you like Maxine? She is my favorite.

So I am going to try to escape……. to the beach…. somewhere warm……. tropical breezes…..white sand…..palm trees…… turquoise water…..hot sun on my body……. waves to frolic in…. like Hanauma Bay. Or Huntington Beach. Or Clearwater Beach. Or Puerto Penasco.

Got my bikini packed in my butt pocket…. flip flops on and tshirts and cutoffs on. Let’s escape to the beach!


A girl can dream right?  (she says as she shuffles off to bed with her fuzzy slippers and flannel jammie dress on a cold snowy nite)

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