Brigitte is the BEST

Lots of us who participate on MQResources (a machine quilting site) were in a 6 month Secret Sister exchange.  This week was the “reveal”.

For the past 6 months, I have had gifts sent to me by someone who I don’t even know.  She has done the BEST job of shopping for me.  She tells me that she has been reading my blog (for a few shopping hints I think) but doesnt comment because she didnt want to give it away that she was my SS.

So now I know.  It is Brigitte H from Houma, LA.  She is also a very talented lady.   Make sure you check out her blog and see some of her beautiful creations.

Here are all the lovely things she sent me:  (remember that you can click on any photo to see it larger)


Timtex and MistyFuse (great for my postcard efforts), some fabulous Fiskars scissors (already been using those today!), fabric, book and lovely card.

I already have a project in mind for a couple of these beauties:


And most touching, most special of all….. Brigitte made this for ME.  Yes, she spent her time and effort (and materials) to make ME something.  She included my favorite colors, my favorite shapes and that I like to write.  I told you she was the BEST!


and the inside:


I really really need to learn to make these.

Thank you so much Brigitte.  I have been so lucky to have you as my Secret Sister.