Twice this week we have gotten snow.  Alot of snow.  A total of 14″ of snow.  This morning when I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 9am (why bother hurrying to get up if it is still snowing and I can snuggle under the covers longer?) the entire world looked like it had thick frosting on it.  yeah…. like white cake frosting.




That last one was taken through the window, which didnt help the focus.  Sorry bout that.

The bunny showed up too, but those pictures didnt come out well at all.  We throw lettuce and celery tops out for him all winter so he wont starve.  He doesnt like grapes…. they are still frozen next to my car.  A green grape popsicle!

I have spent several days figuring out the quilting designs for my quilt.  Finally got those drawn out today and finalized.  I also ordered thread for it and hope to start the quilting next week sometime.

I know it is a real stretch for me, but I actually hand appliqued the circles on the quilt.  Will miracles never cease?  Here is the center that is revised for the final time.  (had to take off that center circle 3 times till I was happy with it)


Hope you are all staying warm……


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. AllenQuilts
    Feb 13, 2008 @ 21:55:47

    I love that quilt center. I will not be staying warm on Friday. Golf season for the high school team starts. We are going to Plainview, leaving tomorrow. The tourney is Fri & Sat. The high Fri. is ‘spose to be 36, with some snow. Now won’t that be fun??


  2. Spavlov
    Feb 13, 2008 @ 23:24:29

    That quilt design is fantastic …………….Sooooo pretty …………………………
    Sorry you are getting socked with snow ……….we got a little rain today ……..but the sun was out by 4 P M ……………………………..


  3. sammi
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 00:02:18

    Gorgeous quilt! And hand applique? Who’d a thunk it? Good for you, Gayle.


  4. Becky
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 01:21:47

    I love that quilt…but then again I love most of the quilts you design. I wish we would get more snow than we do. It seems tht we get the cold, doom and gloom without the pretty snow part! LOL…keep warm and show us the final product when you get that masterpiece finished!


  5. kayp
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 10:42:05

    that’s ALOT of snow. love the quilt!


  6. rondabeyer
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 16:15:57



  7. Vicki W
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 18:18:36

    What pretty pictures! In my opinion it’s a perfect day if you can stay inside and just watch – and quilt.


  8. Deb Levy
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 20:49:53

    Gee, that’s alot o snow! Better you than me. Although we had a cool snap the last 2 days…in the mid 70’s…..80 is better!

    Love the center medallion! Can’t wait to see the rest!


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