I can do this

Well, thanks to the sweet emails from some of my friends, I can do this. Winter HAS to be almost over right? (uh huh, it is still snowing)

A very special thanks to Sally (and Paul too….. hugs to you both) who winter in Florida instead of Sandy Lake. Yeah, I know, they are smarter than I am. They are also talented artists, and wonderful friends. So Sally…… thanks for NOT telling me what fabulous weather you are having. And thanks for sending the hysterical Maxine cartoons.

Do you like Maxine? She is my favorite.

So I am going to try to escape……. to the beach…. somewhere warm……. tropical breezes…..white sand…..palm trees…… turquoise water…..hot sun on my body……. waves to frolic in…. like Hanauma Bay. Or Huntington Beach. Or Clearwater Beach. Or Puerto Penasco.

Got my bikini packed in my butt pocket…. flip flops on and tshirts and cutoffs on. Let’s escape to the beach!


A girl can dream right?  (she says as she shuffles off to bed with her fuzzy slippers and flannel jammie dress on a cold snowy nite)


Can you handle more?

Well good for you if you can.  I can’t.

It’s fricken snowing AGAIN!