Are you leaping with joy because it is leap year day?

Maybe you are leaping with joy because it is snowing? (again and still)

Or leaping with joy that you are doing what I am doing? (If you are working on tax stuff, I bet you aren’t using your longarm to organize your papers….. unless you traded your dining room table in for a longarm, like I did!) This is everything organized, ready to enter on computer.


This is what is left to do now…..


At least I am making leaps and bounds in progress.

I should enter all the paperwork onto the computer as it comes in, so “they” all say. But I really don’t enjoy this kind of work at all. So I save it all up for a few snowy days in the winter. This is day one. I hope to be done by Sunday nite. Monday at the latest. It all depends on how long I can stand it for any given day. When I’m done, Steve gets to take it to the accountant.

These cardinals were eating and drinking at a little low spot in the woods this morning. I love seeing them every morning.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Judy
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 17:53:21

    Oh to be able to be leaping today. LOL

    And I understand the dislike of doing the paperwork completely!!!!!


  2. Deb Levy
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 20:48:13

    I HATE the paperwork end too. I am a procrastinator in that as well. Since we don’t have snow days…Thanks God….I took a couple days last week and did mine. Happily all that S**T now is at the accountant! Free for another year!!!!


  3. Spavlov
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 10:35:46

    We got our tax stuff done last week also …….We used to wait until we got home …but discovered they know how to do it at H R Block too……..For years we used the same accountant in Bridgeville …………………..
    Sorry about the snow …hope it is gone by April ……………….


  4. sammi
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 16:45:19

    There is leaping here … for joy that I don’t have to do the taxes! One of the perqs of being married to a CPA. Thank you for sharing the pics of the cardinals. We don’t have them here…and they are so beautiful …. and so RED!


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