Can you handle more?

Well good for you if you can.  I can’t.

It’s fricken snowing AGAIN!


Sparkly Day

“It’s very sparkly.”  (Raymond says in Rainman)

We had a sparkly day.  It started out sparkly because I had a wonderful blast from the past phone call from a long ago/new again friend from 4 lifetimes ago.  Wow.  Really special.  We will continue to keep in touch, which is special too.  Thanks for the call E of H.

Here is how sparkly it was this afternoon.





And this is how it ended.


Triptych 1

I have been participating in a challenge at MQR…. to do a triptych art quilt.  I am signed up twice, so I will end up having 4 panels made by others, 2 by myself.

Two weeks ago I got my first triptych in the mail from Deb L. in Florida.   She does amazing work all the time.  I am absolutely thrilled with this panel.  She used techniques I never have, and now need to learn!  You can read about how she did it here.

Thanks Deb, I love it!


Make sure you click on it so you can see the shine and detail!

Snowshoes Needed!

I needed snowshoes today!  I dont have any, so I just pulled on my snow boots and waded on through.  While Steve was putting in a new round bale of hay for the cows, I took a leisurely walk to the woods.

Leisurely.  Not.  It felt particularly cold to me (it had warmed up to a balmy 17F)  after being inside the house in pajamas for hmmmm…… well, too many days.

(News flash:  Gayle is officially tired of snow and cold and EVEN pajamas!   Yessirree….. yesterday I went completely bonkers and got cabin fever.)

Since I got cabin fever, I decided a walk was in order this afternoon.  Boots, gloves, scarf, hat, coat, hood, camera.  Heck it’s tiring just getting ready to go out the door.

The snow was about a foot deep most places, some places 18-20″.  And part of it was so frozen I could walk on top of it, only sinking in an inch.  Part of it I sunk in through to the mud below.  How weird.  The snow is frozen, the ground is muck below.

It felt good to breath fresh (albeit cold) air.  And to see sunshine.  And blue sky.  YAY!  Spring MUST be right around the corner?




They were more interested in me for the moment than the hay.  Highly unusual event!


Happy cows.



Twice this week we have gotten snow.  Alot of snow.  A total of 14″ of snow.  This morning when I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 9am (why bother hurrying to get up if it is still snowing and I can snuggle under the covers longer?) the entire world looked like it had thick frosting on it.  yeah…. like white cake frosting.




That last one was taken through the window, which didnt help the focus.  Sorry bout that.

The bunny showed up too, but those pictures didnt come out well at all.  We throw lettuce and celery tops out for him all winter so he wont starve.  He doesnt like grapes…. they are still frozen next to my car.  A green grape popsicle!

I have spent several days figuring out the quilting designs for my quilt.  Finally got those drawn out today and finalized.  I also ordered thread for it and hope to start the quilting next week sometime.

I know it is a real stretch for me, but I actually hand appliqued the circles on the quilt.  Will miracles never cease?  Here is the center that is revised for the final time.  (had to take off that center circle 3 times till I was happy with it)


Hope you are all staying warm……


At the moment it is 2 degrees.  The wind chill is -18.  Most of the day we had white out conditions.  With 2 rare glimpses of sunshine this morning….for a total of 3 minutes tops.  Schools are closed tomorrow.  That doesnt happen often in our area.

This isnt, but could have been Steve today:



I got half way through listening to Willa Cather’s O Pioneer today on my MP3 player.   I finally “get it” why so many of my longarm friends have and love their MP3 players.  I am hooked.  Steve isnt too crazy about me using it.  He doesnt think I can hear him, the phone, the nuances of my machine, the washer, someone drive in or knock on the door.  Well, I heard all those things today except the last 2…. and only because nobody came here in the blizzard!

O Pioneer is about a family in Nebraska.  It takes place near where my first husband grew up.  Since I have been there, and seen sod houses and understand the land there, it is fascinating to me.  I am really enjoying it.  It feels like it could have been written about his ancestors.


This is what I finished today.  For those of you who are not quilters, this is a traditional pattern from the 1930’s called Sunbonnet Sam.


I have an opinion about what Sam is doing.  Do you?

Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies

We have had strange weather this week.  Rain, snow, cold, wind, more snow and rain.  And finally today a ray of sunshine.


And then the clouds rolled in again.  Will dip to zero tonite.




On a quilty note…. I have been quilting some this week.  And I have been dressed every single day for 2 weeks, with the exception of 3 cold snowy days.   That could be a new record for me.

Tomorrow I am throwing a pot roast in the roaster, leaving my jammies on, loading a free audio book to my new mp3 player and quilting while I “read” a book!  Yay me!  Hope your Sunday is a good one.

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