More Postcards

Finally!  I have pictures for you of more postcards I have gotten from the MQResources swap.  In case you havent been paying attention, the theme is birthstones.

Becca, August, Peridot


Michelle, November, Blue Topaz


Jami, born on the 4th of July!


Deb, August, Peridot


Judy, October, Opal


AnnMarie, January, Garnet


Rachel, April, Diamond


Lily, April, Diamond


Vicki, September, Sapphire


I gotta tell ya, these postcards are SO fun to exchange.  I have a full basket of cards on my coffee table.  Everyone who comes over spends time looking.  If I do this again, I need to make a bigger basket!


Putting a Cow Down

Warning: This post is about putting down a cow. As in killing it. If that is bothersome to you, you may choose to quit reading now. I have not posted any photos in this topic, just word pictures. Which may be too much for some readers.

Ok…. so if youre still with me, just know that it’s been an emotional day. Odd emotions for a variety of reasons.

This morning Steve came in from feeding cows and as usual I said “Everyone good?” He nodded, walked in the other room and sat down. Had very little to say. THAT is unusual. But I really didnt think about it then. After 2 hours he came and said “I dont know who to call….. we need to get Ellie taken care of today”. I didnt really know what that meant…..

Ellie is the cow that had a calf last Tuesday night. She wouldnt feed the little girl calf, so we are bottle feeding it. Ellie has seemed just fine, eating, drinking, had “cleaned out” completely Wed morning. (cleaned out means getting rid of the afterbirth) She has not seemed to even miss her calf who is now living in a pen in the barn.

This morning though, Ellie had ruptured. Her entire back end…. well….. her insides were hanging outside. I was pretty sure that it was her bowel, but couldnt really tell for sure. It looked like 2 red basketballs. ugh.

So by the time Steve was able to get it out of his mouth, that she needed to be gone…. and I then figured out that he meant to put her down…… I also realized that Steve was totally immobilized. I didnt get why. This calm, cool, collected in most circumstances guy…. a voice of reason when I am unreasonable….. the cool, outside the box problem solver when I cant see straight enough to even know the problem, much less solve it….. THIS man was immobilized by emotion. by feeling totally out of control. by not knowing what the hell to do.  Not really because the cow would die…. because we send them to slaughter every year…. but more because this is a medical emergency.  He doesnt do medical stuff.  Not good at it, too stressful, too out of his control and not his area of expertise or knowledge base.

So I kicked in to action. I hadnt seen Ellie yet, so I went for a little visit. She was across the pasture, maybe 50 yds from me. And as soon as I saw her I cried. I cried because I was sure she must be in pain. Heck, I have given birth, and its a girl thing to feel HER pain. After watching her for about 5 minutes, I realized she didnt seem to be in too much discomfort. She was eating hay at the bale feeder with the others. She seemed pretty nonchalant. But I did notice her “pushing”…. as if wanting to poop. (ok….. so I’m using lots of technical terms today)  And I knew this was a medical event that she could not survive.  (medical stuff IS my area of experience and knowledge base)

I came in, told Steve that I saw several options.

Do nothing, wait for her to die, then bury her in the woods.

Call the vet which would be incredibly expensive and he would put her down and we would bury her.

Call the slaughter house/butcher to have him come and get her, hopefully to recoup some meat.

Steve or I could shoot her, then we would bury her.

So we called the butcher. Several. Everyone is closed on Sunday. But I dont think she will last till tomorrow. So I jump in the car and go to the neighbor farmer that I have known for 20 yrs. He is plowing his field (mud) so I tracked down his wife. She gives me a number for another guy who runs a slaughter house. We call him. For hours. No answer.

In the meantime, Ellie is worse. Not in visible pain, but I can see that she is now bleeding. Not good.  She is on her knees at one point, then gets back up and walks to the other end of the trees.  She has separated herself from all of the other cattle.  She reminded me of an Indian who knows she is going to die and leaves the village to go die in peace.

Steve jumps in the truck, goes to the slaughterhouse. Nobody there. He knocks on a neighbor’s door (wow, this is SO ballsy for Steve!) and gets directions to the guy’s house. He goes there, finds the guy. Guy tells him he will be here in 2 hrs.

So…. while Steve is gone, 2 of Steve’s brothers and a 10 yr old nephew appear to band 2 calves. They have to wait for Steve to come home to do that. But they have now noticed Ellie in the pasture. So does the 10 yr old. So I explained to all 3 what was happening and what was gonna happen. I’m not sure one bro believed me till Steve got home and told him same thing.

One cow got banded. They gave up trying to rope the 2nd. The 3 guys left.

Steve and I both felt some better knowing that the executioner was coming soon. But I still really didnt know what to expect. We have never had to do this before, so it was all new to me. Steve grew up on a farm, so it was not new to him. And at this point he says he could shoot her….. yeah. right. I dont think so honey. I really dont. I could have, but dont think Steve had it in him.  He can barely stand to look at her.  He can shovel tons and tons of cow shit…. but he cant look at her bloody backside.  Or the woeful eyes.

The cattle hauler truck finally arrives. 3 men get out of the truck. I asked questions that someone else may have said were stupid….. this man looked me in the eye, answered me calmly and without any kind of smirk or “you dumb ass broad” look on his face. He was absolutely wonderful.

Steve took some GOOD hay (the kind they think is candy) and put it over the fence where this guy could get a good shot at Ellie. All the cows lined up and started eating their “candy”. And the guy aimed and fired his .243. Ellie dropped. The other cows jumped and scooted around some…. then started eating again. Steve took the tractor in, the guy slit her throat, he chained her to the tractor and Steve dragged her out of the pasture. Then they winched her into the cattle hauler.

So…. when all that was done, I asked him if he would explain some cow anatomy to me. He walked back to the trailer, opened the door and let me ask every damn question I wanted. And answered every single one of them.  He and his 2 helpers were so respectful.  So kind.  They treated our cow with respect and dignity.  And Steve and me too.

So here is what I know. She kept pushing after having her calf. Some cows just do that. Nobody knows why. And she ended up pushing out her own insides. Her bowel was twisted, full,  and outside of her. Her uterus was also outside of her. And she would have died for sure. A vet would not have fixed her. He would have put her down immediately. Because he shot her, slit her throat to bleed her out right away, and hauled her to his facility within 20 minutes of here, the meat will be fine. She will be made into hamburger. She was 4… so thats too old for good steak and roast.

So….. the real issue today was being able to think straight through the emotions.  And the other real question was:  WHY so emotional??  They are cows!  That we raise for meat!  If we can eat em, then whats the big whoop?

So I figured it out this afternoon.  It is the helplessness.  There was not one thing we could do for Ellie to make it better.  We couldnt fix her.  We didnt want her to suffer.  We didnt want to lose all we had in her by letting the meat go to waste.  And she looked so damn awful.  She didnt seem to be in pain, but she looked awful.  And it hurt to look at her.  And yet I did.  Over and over again.

There were also many many positives today:

I was able to be the brave one for Steve.  (he probably doesnt see it that way, but I do)  We work well together that way…. one kicks in when the other cant.

Ellie is out of her misery.

We will recoup by selling lots of burger.

One calf got banded.

Steve spent time with 2 brothers and a nephew.

We know who to call if we ever need to put down another cow.

I learned some cow anatomy in a MOST respectful manner, from a very respectful guy.  I am SO grateful to know that we can call him again.

And on all those happy notes……. I went to pick up burgers for supper.

Playing catch up

Where have the days gone??

I have been busy lining up the various contractors, getting things in order for starting our construction project next month….. as long as the weather cooperates.  Who knows, it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow.

And we have been busy with quilts.  Which is always a good thing.

Yesterday when we got up, we heard the cows making alot of noise and fuss.  When we went out, this is what we saw.

hpim1746.jpg  Ellie had her calf.  Her 3rd calf.  She had been the worst mama ever with her first 2, and we ended up bottle feeding those 2 because she would not feed them.  Would she be better this time?

hpim1747.jpg   Please feed me mama…

hpim1749.jpg   Please??

hpim1754.jpg  Hey, no reason to get mean about it!  I just wanna eat a little breakfast…. (as Bessie butts the calf and sends it almost ass over tincups)

hpim1751.jpg   Man, my mama is a mean one.  Maybe someone will pity me?  I’m hungry.

hpim1764.jpg   I dont know who this goofy guy is, but I sure like him!  He feeds me twice a day!  To heck with my mom.

hpim1757.jpg  I think I like it here.  Its warm and I get fed and there are other cows here too.  Think I will lay down here and take a little rest.


We shopped today.   We looked at flooring for the new studio, bought some books and and went to the CPA’s office.  Kind of an errand day, but at least it was a day out together.  The CPA is about 40 miles from home, so we got to see a bit of different scenery.  We also came home on the back roads, so that was a nice little break in the day too.

I have more postcard pics to share….. maybe tomorrow.

Blogging Calamity

Do you blog?

Why do you blog?

Why do you read blogs?

Why do you read THIS blog?

Do you comment on blogs?

If you are a blogger, those are all questions you have probably thought of or asked yourself. Maybe you have answers, maybe not.

One of my all time favorite bloggers has the most profound blog entries about this very subject. As usual, Miss Kim has caused quite a Calamity!  If you are not into fabric or fiber, just read her words.  And if you are into fabric, fiber, creativity, or HATS… make sure you notice the pictures too.  Either way, make sure you visit and read this entry….. she speaks to all of us in one way or another.

Kim is incredibly talented and creative. She shares lots of how-to’s on her blog, as well. Make sure you check out her pattern and instructions for Calamity Chickens to make too…they are linked on the right side of her blog.

Pink Roses

Here’s a pretty quilt Steve did one day last week.  Pretty simple piecing, but sure looks springy.  Maybe that’s why I like it?



I am SURE it is because I love this fabric.  Don’t those roses look like you could just pick them off the quilt??  If I knew what it was called, I would have to buy some.  It fits my pink phase.


Easter Basket

Steve likes holidays.  He has been planning Easter day (which means dinner)  for a week.

Yesterday he decided that he better vacuum because it was going to be Easter.  (I have no idea why it mattered, nobody was coming over…. but hey, who am I to argue with a man with a vacuum in his hands?)  After he finished, he decided he needed to empty the vacuum before the cleaning gal comes Wednesday.   One task led to another…. which meant then he was taking the vacuum apart to clean the beater bar.  Oh my.  It surely did need it!  That is thread…… the danger of living in a house with 2 quilters!


So awhile ago I said Steve had been planning Easter dinner all week.  That means he sent me to the store with the grocery list.  And MY checkbook!  He prepares most the holiday meals.  Mainly because he loves gravy on his mashed taters and I wont make it.  He does a better job, and I dont care if we have it or not… so he makes gravy.  And most everything else.  Today he did the gravy, taters, ham, vegetable and I made the sweet potatoes.  Since today was also my birthday, he went all out and baked a frozen cherry pie too!  I tell ya, this guy is worth keeping…… he likes to cook!

While he cooked, I quilted.  I was working on quilting one of my own quilts.  I also finished the binding and label on Elizabeth’s quilt.   I stayed busy all day doing other jobs too… you know, the dishes and laundry… the things that always need to be done.

As busy as I was, I wasnt too busy to notice that the Easter Bunny came today.  I got up this morning to see some candy on the table of my Gammill quilting machine.  Hmm…. it looked vaguely familiar.  But I rarely pass chocolate without at least noticing it!

Steve spent the morning doing his outside chores, then cooking.  He never thought about the Easter Bunny…..until finally, about 4 this afternoon, he discovered that the Easter Bunny came to see him too.


So, click on that picture to make it larger.  See the “nesting material”?

Wanna know what Steve said?

Hope you had as pleasant a day as we did!


Earlier this week I got some packages in the mail. Surprise birthday packages. It isn’t even my birthday yet!

The first package is from my sweet friend Sammi, who knows I love words. Combining words, writing words, spelling words, playing with words, wisdom words.


It will be hung on the wall of our new studio eventually. At the moment, it is next to my machine in the kitchen.

And the second package was from Elizabeth. (I think Neil, Yvonne and William get credit too) She sure knows how to make Grandma happy! She colored a beautiful card that is now on my new refrigerator. And most special, she picked out all the beads for one of the bracelets her Mom made me.




The darker bracelet is the one she picked the beads for. I love both of them, and have been wearing them all week.

My sister knows how to spoil me too. She sent all this.


Actually, she sent more…. but I cant show you because we ate it. And I’m not telling if those Girl Scout cookie boxes are empty or not.

She also sent Steve a John Deere tractor for his truck antennae. She is the BEST at finding good stuff for us.

And the most touching gift of all……. Neil included in the package from Elizabeth. It is a cd of a ton of family photos. I had so few of him when he was little. I wonder where the years went???


I’m gettting old……

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