Blogging Calamity

Do you blog?

Why do you blog?

Why do you read blogs?

Why do you read THIS blog?

Do you comment on blogs?

If you are a blogger, those are all questions you have probably thought of or asked yourself. Maybe you have answers, maybe not.

One of my all time favorite bloggers has the most profound blog entries about this very subject. As usual, Miss Kim has caused quite a Calamity!  If you are not into fabric or fiber, just read her words.  And if you are into fabric, fiber, creativity, or HATS… make sure you notice the pictures too.  Either way, make sure you visit and read this entry….. she speaks to all of us in one way or another.

Kim is incredibly talented and creative. She shares lots of how-to’s on her blog, as well. Make sure you check out her pattern and instructions for Calamity Chickens to make too…they are linked on the right side of her blog.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. michele
    Mar 25, 2008 @ 22:55:58

    Do you blog? Now, I do, since last month.

    Why do you blog? I blog because I want to keep track of what I do. Days seem to be going by very quickly, and I know I do a lot, but either I do not know how long things take me to do or I forget what I have done. Right now, I am making over my ‘studio’ and I am determined to take pictures as I go. Normally, I would not do that, but this time, I am recording the process. That’s it, I am recording the process of my life.

    Why do you read blogs? I like to have a little ‘inside view’ of what other people do. Everyone is not like me. People sharing what they do enriches me, inspires me and is sometimes awesome to me.

    Why do you read THIS blog? I like to see what you are doing. Even when you are sick of the snow, it makes me grateful that I do not suffer with all that snow (even if I think it is pretty). When you share your art works, I am grateful you can do that and share it so I can see it.

    Do you comment on blogs? Sometimes, but not as often as I should. I tend to think”I will come back to that” and then, like always, I forget. Now that I am blogging, I am making more of an effort to comment because I know how much work it is to write blog entries.

    Thanks for these thought provoking questions, Gayle.


  3. calamity kim
    Mar 25, 2008 @ 22:59:01

    Gayle- thanks for the love. xxxooo calamity


  4. myolivebranch
    Mar 25, 2008 @ 23:38:38

    do you blog? yes

    why do you blog? because my family started to ignore me when i was talking so i needed some fresh meat. and with blogging, i can’t even tell when your eyes roll or glaze over.

    why do you read other blogs? i find people incredibly interesting…what they do, what tickles them, what gets them ramped up, what inspires them. it’s a way to get out of my small town and i can go in my jammies.

    why do you read THIS blog? because i find YOU interesting. your humor, your wisdom, your smart cracks. i love the pix of your home life and the craps you get from elizabeth.

    like michele, i do comment but nearly as often as i think of comments. i should do better.


  5. Terri
    Mar 26, 2008 @ 13:33:55

    Great questions, Gayle.

    Yes, I blog.

    Why?……..that is harder. I guess because it is a way to keep in-touch with these ephemeral on-line friendships that have become so important to me. It is a way to learn more about the people whose faces and names I see everyday on line.

    Why do I read this blog?………..because I never know WHAT you are going to say next!LOL


  6. Christine
    Mar 27, 2008 @ 02:09:30

    Do you blog? Yes.
    Why? To attempt to “journal” a teeny part of life and to watch how even I change over time.
    Why read others? Because they are often very funny and inspiring.
    Why read this blog? Because your life is in such a different place than mine geographically and creatively. I love watching your journey into the art world.


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