Playing catch up

Where have the days gone??

I have been busy lining up the various contractors, getting things in order for starting our construction project next month….. as long as the weather cooperates.  Who knows, it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow.

And we have been busy with quilts.  Which is always a good thing.

Yesterday when we got up, we heard the cows making alot of noise and fuss.  When we went out, this is what we saw.

hpim1746.jpg  Ellie had her calf.  Her 3rd calf.  She had been the worst mama ever with her first 2, and we ended up bottle feeding those 2 because she would not feed them.  Would she be better this time?

hpim1747.jpg   Please feed me mama…

hpim1749.jpg   Please??

hpim1754.jpg  Hey, no reason to get mean about it!  I just wanna eat a little breakfast…. (as Bessie butts the calf and sends it almost ass over tincups)

hpim1751.jpg   Man, my mama is a mean one.  Maybe someone will pity me?  I’m hungry.

hpim1764.jpg   I dont know who this goofy guy is, but I sure like him!  He feeds me twice a day!  To heck with my mom.

hpim1757.jpg  I think I like it here.  Its warm and I get fed and there are other cows here too.  Think I will lay down here and take a little rest.


We shopped today.   We looked at flooring for the new studio, bought some books and and went to the CPA’s office.  Kind of an errand day, but at least it was a day out together.  The CPA is about 40 miles from home, so we got to see a bit of different scenery.  We also came home on the back roads, so that was a nice little break in the day too.

I have more postcard pics to share….. maybe tomorrow.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Spavlov
    Mar 27, 2008 @ 23:29:45

    The poor little guy …….Happy his family cares so much about him ……………Cute ……

    Paul got into a mess of poison oak …he won’t be traveling till the skin heals up some ……..we are going as far as Ft Lauderdale this week end but SAndy Lake has to wait for a week or so …He is on antibiotics and prednasone ……Ouch
    I am ready to come home ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  2. AllenQuilts
    Mar 28, 2008 @ 07:56:08

    Poor baby…bad, bad mama…good thing he has extended family to care for him. Wonder what wires get crossed in animals that mess up what is usually such a strong motherly instinct…You see bad human mothers all the time…not so much in the animal world. Weird…


  3. myolivebranch
    Mar 28, 2008 @ 08:03:52

    steve makes such a good momma. 🙂 sorry the cow momma isn’t a good one.


  4. Freda Henderson
    Mar 28, 2008 @ 08:08:42

    Well, mama, phtttt on you. Sure is a cute little fella. Hope you don’t get a lot of snow Gayle.


  5. Jan
    Mar 28, 2008 @ 18:12:27

    Oh he’s cute!! Good Steve!!!!


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