He loves me

Today Steve slaved in the barn.  He cleaned the box stall. (click pictures to enlarge)

The one on the left, where (ground) CHUCK is peeking through the fence rails, has not been cleaned.  (it is next)  The one on the right has been.  The one on the right was as full/high in cowshit as the one on the left.  Thats aLOT of cowshit.  ALL moved by hand.

Shoveled by hand into this wooden contraption that Steve built and put on his tractor.

Then taken to the pasture and flung by the shovel full onto the pasture grass.  sigh….. its exhausting just to watch this monumental effort.  A total of 5 full loads, a ton each load.  That means he moved BY HAND 10 tons of shit. ( No wonder he is asleep in his chair.  I think he needs to take tomorrow off.)

As I wandered around outside for a few minutes, imagine my glee when Steve called to me from the tractor:

Every year he brings me these violets from the woods.  Sometimes we go for a walk (woods walkin’) and he picks them for me.  He knows these are my all time favorite flowers.

I think he loves me.


Expensive Dishes

I went to pick up my dishes today from the store I visited the other day.  The gal had them all nicely packed and waiting for me.  I could hardly wait to get them home!

They remind me of Fiestaware, but in pastels.  I am normally not a pastel person, but I am smitten by these dishes.  As usual, it is the shape.  See the petal shape of the cups?  These dishes are often called Petalware, but I think technically they are named Georgette, made by WS George in Ohio.

These dishes were very reasonably priced.  After searching Ebay and other sites….. I know they were reasonable.  But …..

…..on the way to get them I was stopped at a state patrol safety check stop.  License, insurance, registration, inspection…… check check check OOPS.  That oops cost almost twice what the dishes did!

Appointment made for Monday to get inspection, will go pay the judge on Tuesday.

Good thing I still like those dishes!

Here is our courthouse.  I took pics because I happened to have my camera in the car and the sky was pretty behind the rotunda.  Maybe next time I go there I will take pictures of the inside.

Maybe next time they will have the funds (from all of us who got tickets today) to fix the damn clock!  I spose if it is correct twice a day, that is good enough for the government?

Surprise Spoons

I am SO very blessed with good friends.  I realize many people think it is odd that I call my friends in the box (internet friends) real friends…… just because I never met them in person.  But when you share so many experiences and day to day events, they truly become friends.  Whether sharing on a favorite website (MQR), on blogs, thru email, by phone, or any mix of those…. I have come to know and care about lots of people that I consider friends.

So today I got an unexpected surprise from one of those friends.  A package came today from Andi, another longarm quilter from South Dakota.  It was wrapped in pretty gift paper, with a card that I would guess she made.  She is so very talented.  Andi wrote the nicest note in the card about my blog, me, and why she sent this to me.

I am not someone who cries often.  But I was SO touched by Andi’s kindness, that I cried when saw the bag.  It is the most thoughtful and appropriate gift Andi.  Thank you so very much my friend.


It rained last nite.  And alot of the day today.  Rain/snow mix tonite.  Colder temps the next few days.  So the contractor wont start  the garage until next Wednesday.  Maybe.  I am not holding my breath.  How can anyone predict the weather?  The weather man surely cant!


I had to go to my local quilt shop (LQS) today to pick up some fabric for a job that is here to be done.  A few doors from the LQS is my favorite antique store.

Oh my, the bargains that just jumped into my arms and came home with me.

A tea towel that was so retro and cute.  I particularly liked that it has so much turquoise in it.

And 3 pieces of barkcloth.  I didnt even really know what barkcloth was until today.  I was looking for “cutters” or crummy fabric/linens/quilts that are only good enough to cut up to make smaller things.  I was looking for postcard recycling fodder.  Well, Steve and I like 2 of these well enough that I may make little wall hangings out of them.  The rest will be postcards.  For those that know me…… are you surprised that I bought so much green?

And I found this cutter quilt:

And my find of the day:

Vintage quilt top, grandmother’s flower garden, hand pieced.  YAY.  I have been looking for one for 5 years.   Price?  a song.

And the biggest bargain of all I didnt buy.  I wasnt sure if it was a bargain, didnt know much about it.  But came home, did a little online research and called the store back.  They are holding it for me for a week, till I get back over there to pay for it.  WOO HOOO.  I can hardly wait.  (but I have to, they are closed till Tues now)  Of course when I buy it I wont have a place to put it, so then will need a china cabinet.  Then I will need room to put a china cabinet.  yeah, the snowball effect.

For those of you who told me last summer that I should buy all the dishes I want?  It’s YOUR fault!

As promised….

Photos of the quilt I finished.  The owner was happy to come get it today.  As usual, click any photo to enlarge it.

And this is the back:


Today I was in slow motion.  But I did make some new kitchen curtains.  The old blinds broke last week and I replaced them right away.  These windows are on the west side of the house and it gets darn hot in the afternoon without something in the window.  Plus, this is where my machine is, so it needs to be cooler so that I can still quilt…. even through my “personal summers” or “older female power surges”.  yes… older.  I know it, you know it.  get over it!

The wallpaper border is fruity, so when I saw this birds and fruits fabric at wallyworld, I had to have it.  I think I have a major bird thing goin on.  Anyway, I bought the fabric a couple months ago and just now got the curtains started and finished in a day.  YAY ME!

I can NOT believe I’m gonna show you my kitchen sink, but there ya have it:

And this big window is right behind my machine.


Construction starts next week, as long as the weather cooperates.   It has been in the upper 70’s all week, and great weather for the past 2 weeks. Excavation Monday, construction Tuesday.  Snow predicted Wednesday.

Any bets??

But we are ready.  Here is the official BEFORE shot of the site.

Elvis pants and spoons found

ok, im not editing tonite.  youre lucky to get this much!  so put in the caps wherever you wanna.  no excavating today, but it was still a great day.

so today i went to the thrift store.  local thrift store is umm, well….. not quite as upscale as salvation army.  and not nearly as nice as goodwill.  and if you live in mormon country, you are lucky enough to have di.  gosh i love di.  my sister thinks im nuts, but really.  i love di.  (deseret industries)

today was fill a grocery bag for 6 bucks day.  gotta love that.  cept i rarely find enough that i want to even fill a bag.  and im not even a very discriminite shopper.  (as you will all be able to attest to by the end of this post)

so i went to get some linens to recycle into postcards.  cept there was a little 80 somethin old lady in my way snappin up EVERY fricken hand embroidered ditty.  her daughter (who was older than i am) kept tellin her,  “mom, put it back, you dont need it.”  i kept my mouth shut and didnt even yell “yeah, put it back cuz I need it to cut up into postcards!”  nope, i was nice.

so im browsing around seeing what else i can find that would work for the recycling postcard theme.  and I SAW IT!  i found ELVIS pants.  hot pink,  ELVIS jammie bottoms.  FOR ME!! i didnt even care if they fit or not, i had to have them.  so i tuck them under my arm, fully prepared to pay 6 bucks for these pants.  well…. i may as well look for a pink shirt to make it an ensemble.  lucky day!  i found a shirt!  next i found a stack of quilt books.  by this time i was kinda loaded down, so i stacked my stuff up at the counter. …… next to the old lady’s stack of stuff, including her lovely embroidered items.  i kept browsing, but would not leave my elvis pants at the counter, fearful someone may accidentally get them in their own pile of crap nice things.

i did finally find something that may work for my  postcards.  (that turned out to be the bonus in this eventful trip.)  along the way i found some NEW jammies….. still with tags on them, PINK and in my (fat) size.  WOO HOO i was on a roll.

then i saw it.  i could NOT believe my eyes.  i walked to the shelf with adoring eyes, carefully setting my purse and ELVIS PANTS down…… to touch the CHICKEN.  i had to take this fine bird home to add to my new bird collection, even tho it wasnt a pie bird.  it was one of those moments. ….  when you know that something was meant to be.  yep, that chicken was going home with me and elvis…. well, at least elvis pants.

fast forward……..

i get home, show steve my purchases.  he is a little bewildered, but absolutely entertained that i am so happy with my six dollar purchase.  he says something about “elvis would NEVER wear those pink pants” with  which i retorted “thats exACTly why they are so darn perfect!  wouldnt susie love them?  what a scream…. i can hardly wait to tell her about them!”

so i washed my new jammies, hung them on the line… so proud of em flappin in the breeze.

several hours later (after finishing that darn quilt… pictures tomorrow maybe) i went to get my new ELVIS PANTS off the line.  and i notice a little tag sticking out of the side of the elvis pants…. kinda like a tag on jeans.




i can NOT believe my eyes.

surely i am smarter than this.




oh my god.

did i tell you that the ms has caused me to be dyslexic?  did i tell you that it can be amusing?

i laughed so hard i cried.  and called my sister and we both laughed so hard we couldnt breathe.  steve is still laughing.

do they fit?? does it matter?  i’m keeping em!

and that chicken??  here it is.

and in its place with the flock

in case you dont understand why i HAD to have this CHICKEN…..

cuz it has not just one, but FOUR

S P O O N S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!  i FOUND SPOONS!!

(i’m pretty sure it is cuz fannie sent me her spoons that i found the chicken.  can i name my new chicken after you fannie?)

Spoons: Plastic Spoons

I have had so few spoons lately that I havent blogged as much as I would like.  I have conserved spoons for things that are at the top of the priority list to get done.  Not that you (the readers) are not important… but things like showering and sleeping and eating and helping Steve with what I am able to do…. those get top priority.

Yesterday I went to see my doc.  Gosh I love her.  She is one of the best human beings I know.  And we decided (yes, she and I decide these things together) that it was time for plastic spoons.  That means a little drug therapy.  For me, high doses of prednisone, then tapered to low dose, works best if I get on it soon enough.  Hopefully this is soon enough.

I call prednisone plastic spoons.  It is such fake energy.  I have to be careful to not overdo because I will want to.  I will feel like superwoman part of the day and then I will slam into the wall of no energy.  That doesnt feel good.  Neither does the high.  It isnt a good high at all.  It mostly feels like a bazillion bugs running around inside my body all jittery.  Like a bazillion cups of coffee and then some.  Yuck.  And it makes me queasy.  And jittery.  And snappy snippy.  Not bitchy exactly, but dont get in my face either!  Cuz it wont take much to have me get right back up in yours… maybe intolerant is a better word.  Of myself and others.

Plastic spoons.  Thank you doc for giving em to me.


Hopefully the excavation of the construction site starts tomorrow.  If so, I promise I will return with pictures!

Hopefully I can finish a quilt tomorrow.  I started quilting it Sunday.  It normally would have taken a day and a half.   Tomorrow will be day 5.  ugh.

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