I had to go to my local quilt shop (LQS) today to pick up some fabric for a job that is here to be done.  A few doors from the LQS is my favorite antique store.

Oh my, the bargains that just jumped into my arms and came home with me.

A tea towel that was so retro and cute.  I particularly liked that it has so much turquoise in it.

And 3 pieces of barkcloth.  I didnt even really know what barkcloth was until today.  I was looking for “cutters” or crummy fabric/linens/quilts that are only good enough to cut up to make smaller things.  I was looking for postcard recycling fodder.  Well, Steve and I like 2 of these well enough that I may make little wall hangings out of them.  The rest will be postcards.  For those that know me…… are you surprised that I bought so much green?

And I found this cutter quilt:

And my find of the day:

Vintage quilt top, grandmother’s flower garden, hand pieced.  YAY.  I have been looking for one for 5 years.   Price?  a song.

And the biggest bargain of all I didnt buy.  I wasnt sure if it was a bargain, didnt know much about it.  But came home, did a little online research and called the store back.  They are holding it for me for a week, till I get back over there to pay for it.  WOO HOOO.  I can hardly wait.  (but I have to, they are closed till Tues now)  Of course when I buy it I wont have a place to put it, so then will need a china cabinet.  Then I will need room to put a china cabinet.  yeah, the snowball effect.

For those of you who told me last summer that I should buy all the dishes I want?  It’s YOUR fault!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy H
    Apr 26, 2008 @ 22:10:46

    Your right the tea towel is the best!!! I too love the turquoise. It reminds me of some items my grandmother had. Actually, it reminds me of a knife holder my mom had & then I found one just like it at the antique shop & had to have it. I also love old cookie jars & the retro tins.


  2. myolivebranch
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 08:16:52

    wow. you did excellent! love the gfg. whatcha gonna make with the lone star cutter?


  3. AllenQuilts
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 09:35:26

    That GFG is gorgeous! I have two in my closet that I bought on Ebay, waiting for me to play on them.


  4. Vicki W
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 09:43:18

    Those are great finds!


  5. Judy
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 11:09:17

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! You found your GFG!!!!!!

    About that “green”. LOL Well in the pics they don’t overall read green to me, and the green is all trees and fields, so nope, not really! ;>)


  6. freda1951
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 11:16:18

    I too love the gfg. I bet you make it shine. The tea towel looks new and I couldn’t cut up the Lonestar. Someone put too much work in it.


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