Victorian Valentine

This is what I finished a week ago.  Just now getting around to posting pictures.  I think she liked it.

This quilt had 3 borders added to it to make it a King size.  It was too big to get a picture of the entire thing.  The applique was extremely well done, which makes my job easier for sure.  I didnt even know I like pink and brown together, but after living with this for a week, I know I sure do.  What a fun one this was!

And a few of the back:


Now who’s naked?

Nowhere close to finished….. but progress made.  Posting this for Kay.  Because she wanted to see the face.  Well, there is hardly any face.  Yet.

Maybe I should make her headless…..


Holidays are meant for loafin’ right?

6 loads of laundry done

2 quilts loaded, one on each machine, for tomorrow’s work

supplies ordered online

fridge cleaned out

supper made

a little bit of sewing done on my doll

designed and made a new mp3 holder to try

and finally……

some loafin’!

Hope you all get some loafin’ in today too!

Memorial Day Weekend

This pretty much says it all…… new building, new flag up, grill cleaned and ready to fire up, lots of work to do!

We also took time for a Walmart date, trip to buy supplies and groceries, a picnic on our new concrete patio and a little relaxation and reflection.

Y’all probably think we forgot to quilt…… but believe me, we have stayed busy with that too.  Maybe some pics of quilts tomorrow?  I have also been working on a doll for a challenge on MQR.  Pics of that to come too.  It is a first for me, have never made one.  And here is a little something else I have been working on:

This was Steve’s creative little job:  (and thank goodness he did it, not me)

Here is something new…. I have heard of this happening, but have never had it happen to me:

I was winding a bobbin with embroidery bobbin thread (quite fine, very strong) and the bobbin “exploded”….. it broke.  Didnt fly across the room or anything, just became a thread slinky!

Concrete done

These pics are from Friday.  They started at 6:30am, and it was still foggy.

Saturday Ron came back to score the concrete for expansion/contraction.

Is that a big truck or what?  And there were TWO of them….. full.  Well, empty when they left!

Ready for Concrete

The men have worked so hard…… and finally we are ready for concrete tomorrow.  The rough electrical work is in…the part that had to be done before concrete can be poured.

The west side:

And the east side…..which I think will be my favorite morning spot before long.

The dream is becoming reality, right before our eyes!


Doors are in.  Took a little extra work…….

yes, that’s a chainsaw!  That vertical beam he is trimming is over 100 yrs old, hand hewn.  Not perfectly straight or square.  Actually, that one was a touch twisted.  He needed to “trim” it a little.

And my new french door is in:

I am really liking it!

This next one is so you can see 2 more new doors….. looking east at west side of house:

Next is the north side of garage….

And last, the front of the house.  I am facing west, taking the picture of the east side of the building.  Man, thats alot to paint.  AFTER Steve finishes siding the oldest part of the house.

Makes me tired to think about all that painting.  Anybody want to volunteer to come help?  Paintbrushes, paint, food, drink, sleeping bag and air mattress provided.  And certainly lots of time for visiting.  All volunteers gladly accepted.


Wonder what this pretty bug is?  I think I will go do a little internet research to see if I can find out.

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