Fancy Scarf Tutorial

Yesterday I made a fancy scarf.  Why?  Because I can! (And because I was reminded by Deana’s pretty red wrap she made recently that I hadn’t done anything like this in a long time.)

I may decide to use it as a door prize when I do a talk and trunk show Saturday.  I will be the guest speaker for the Women’s Auxiliary of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association.  They are holding their annual meeting at the Erie Convention Center.  Isn’t it nice that they invited me to speak?  I really enjoy doing events like this.  Since the theme of their Luncheon is “Fancy Things for Fancy Ladies”, I decided to make a “fancy scarf”.

For the last 5 or 6 years I have been combining techniques learned from Bonnie Lyn McCaffrey (like those in her Fantasy Fabrics book), as well as techniques used in lace making on the embroidery machine, and converting them to longarm and traditional quilting methods.  So a combination of these techniques were used to make my fancy scarf.

I used Solvy as a base, just like in machine embroidery lace.

Then, using some of Bonnie’s techniques, spread out some yarn, Tintzl, and organza.  Bonnie “captures” them between layers…. which is what I am doing on a temporary basis here.

Laid a piece of tulle over the top.

And stitched as desired.

Remember I said it was temporarily trapped?  Hopefully that is enough stitching to hold all the yarn, tintzl and organza onto the tulle, because the next step was to take the scarf off the machine and rinse it in tap water.  Then I hung it up to dry.  The water disolves the Solvy completely.

So here it is done, and dry.

That was easy!  Next time I plan on using a piece of organza as the base.

I would love to see yours if you try one.