Moth Collection

Last night in MQR chat, several of us were discussing various insects. A couple of them remembered my moths from last year and wondered if I had pictures of new ones this year. Sadly, I dont. We have NO annual flowers planted, no hanging baskets. I think the moths liked them. We also have a bigger, brighter dusk to dawn light, and I have not noticed as many moths. Maybe we have more bats?? And maybe I have been too busy to notice any of it.

So…. for Tracy at and whomever else asked, here are some pictures from last year.

These two are feeling amorous.

These are 2 tone yellow/gold… some kind of hawk moth:

These are pink and yellow hawk moths:

Look VERY carefully here:

Did you see it? Need help?? Look for the lacy wing.

Better yet, look for the head and antennae.

Awesome disguise!

Make sure you visit Tracy at her blog to see a luna moth she found in Pennsylvania while traveling through our beautiful state. (scroll down towards the bottom of the page) I wish I had known she was passing through, I would have gone to meet her for a meal or quick visit.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sammi
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 23:56:45

    Thank you for the refresher from last year. They are just ultra-beautiful. Nature is spectacular all by herself – and we keep trying to mess her up! Silly humans.


  2. redgarnet222
    Apr 03, 2010 @ 11:38:29 The fruit ladies in blocks


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