A rose is a Coneflower

My “homework” for an online class.  The assignment was on shading, and a rose was suggested, as well as given as an example to copy.  I chose not to do what everyone else was doing.  Crayon on fabric.


Antique Tractor Pull

Ok you city folks, pull on your jeans and tshirt, put on some comfy shoes, grab a hat if you like, and put on your sun glasses.  We are off to the Mercer County Antique Tractor Pull!  This is an annual outing for us, something we look forward to.  Especially Steve.  Why do I go??  Because there is a swap meet, lots of people to watch and we eat there, so I dont have to cook!

First we amble around looking at the antique tractors on display.  (not nearly as many this year as prior years….. maybe the gas prices have something to do with that.   One guy said it cost him $90.00 to trailer his 2 tractors there from home.  One way.)

Of course Steve has to inspect every single tractor and has a running commentary the entire time.  I walk around at my own pace….. which means I sit at the end of the row and wait.

Altho I really enjoyed this entry:

If you have never been to a tractor pull, the basic idea is to see which tractor can pull the most weight the farthest.   There are different weight classes.  Each tractor uses weights to make sure they are about the same weight as all the other tractors in the class (within a few pounds)

Here are some weights, and where they put them on the tractor:

Every tractor is weighed, the weight is recorded:

The tractor is attached to a sled, a mechanical weight….. at the drawbar.  (Steve wants you to know that the drawbar has to be the same height on every tractor in that class.)  The big grey box thing on the sled is a weight that moves up toward the tractor as your tractor pulls it down the track.  That adds more and more drag and weight as you go….. and you want to have enough power to get all the way to the end of the track.

Women are allowed to play too…..

WOO HOO!  This is fun!

the crowd enjoys it…….

even the little boys do!

this guy was the winner.

There ya go!  Did ya have a good time???  We did!

“Orange You Glad I’m Different?”

I am taking a class on color and design at MQResources. One of the assignments was to make a colorwheel.

My friends always tease me about being different. I view the world
differently than lots of folks I guess. Good, or bad, that’s the way
I came to this world.

My color wheel reflects that. I purposely have yellow at 9 oclock
rather than 12. It somehow makes sense to me there. We had to choose
a shape for the colors, and could use black or white for the
background. I have always been intrigued by Kokopelli, and decided to
use him as my “shape”. I used both black and white for my background.

I also love to celebrate diversity…. and dancing to a different
drummer. Or flutist. “Orange You Glad I’m Different?”

Granny Goes to the Fair

Finally!  My art doll is finished.  Or at least as finished as she will be this month.  I may decide to give her some cotton candy later.

I had WAY too much fun making Granny.  I can see myself getting hooked on this.

Looking and feeling better

The studio looks better, I feel better.  Shingles are MUCH better.

Studio walls have last coat of paint on them, relatively bug free.  Flooring is installed and the fumes are dissipating.  We bought some shelves and wardrobe cabinets for storage today.  This week the electric will be done, not sure about trim wood around windows and doors.  I still have to paint all the doors too.

We hope to move in our stuff in a few weeks.  I may have to get a design wall up first….. I really miss having one.

whatcha think?

Doll progress

I am so happy to say that I FINALLY know what I am doing for my doll challenge.  I challenged others on MQR to make a doll.  yeah, I did.  Mainly so that I would make a doll.  Ive never made one, like them and thought it would be fun.

So the challenge is to make a doll to interpret the word fair, fare or any derivative of the word.  Fairly, unfair, fairy….. just a few possibilities.  Due date is August 1.

TODAY is the first day I have known what I am doing.  I have a vision.  I have the supplies.  I have the doll’s body that I made 2 mos ago.  Oh my.  I do NOT have the know how with paint and dye.

Steve just came out of the kitchen with a sandwich.  Says “It was kinda hard to make a sandwich.  There’s a naked lady in there that looks like she had a run in with a bottle of iodine.”

Man, he puts up with alot.

Construction Report

Several have asked how our new studio is coming, so here is an update:

Half the lights are up (rest go up today) and the walls and ceiling are painted.

yep, lights work!

Heating and air conditioning installed.  Air works, havent filled oil tank (cuz we didnt rob any banks yet…. may need to rob 2 banks cuz we now have 2 oil tanks for 2 separate heating systems)

damn i love these doors!

Ok, but this I DONT love.  The kid who painted is returning tonite or tomorrow nite to sand the frickin BUGS off my paint.  He painted at nite, then left the big garage door open at nite, with the lites on, so they bugs waltzed in and had a dance party on the wet paint.  And stuck there.  Oh so frickin stupid.  NOW you know what gave me SHINGLES!!!  (hmm, maybe I should charge him for the meds.  Nah, Im just cranky about it)

So, hopefully this will be resolved by sat so the same kid can lay our tile floor.  Im sure its too much to hope that the floor would be done by end of next week.  At this point our contractor is frustrated because the floor has to be done to come in and do all the wood trim around windows/doors, baseboard.  And the trim boards that were painted????  you got it…… they are buggy too.   sigh….

On a happy note………………………

we finally have a fully functional shower.  YAY!  AND it has elbow room because Steve installed a hotel shower rod.  Fabulous.  Best 40 bucks I have spent in a long time.  Still have our shower curtain functioning as a door to bathroom.  Because we have to fix the floor before we can install the door.  Wanna see the floor?  Watch your step!

It’s a tri-level.  Makes life interesting.

Ok, Steve is off raking hay, getting it ready to bale this afternoon in 90 degree heat with 90% humidity.  Im staying in the central a/c and going back to quilting!  Gotta work before I get interrupted by electrician and painters.

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