What is it?

Steve comes in tonite with this…….

and wants to know what it is.  yeah.  like I would know.  uh huh.

So…. we go back outside with my camera and take pictures of the whole plant.

yeah, right, like I would know….uh huh.

oh….. so YOU know what this is???  well, arent you smart.

You could look it up like I did.  And find out that some websites say it is poisonous/toxic to humans, horses, dogs, cattle.  Some sites say it is not poisonous, although it has not been tested on humans.  (well, gee, wonder why? why not use some death row inmates for trial studies? …. oh, but I digress)  Indians used it to make rope.  give up?  dont give a flip?

Answer:  Hemp dogbane. (Apocynum cannabinum L.)

Also known as:  American hemp, bowmans root, Choctaw root, dogsbane, Indian hemp, rheumatism weed, snake’s milk.

yeah, I knew that.  bet you did too.

and yeah, we washed our hands after handling it.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    Aug 26, 2008 @ 22:20:08

    I had not a clue… and I thought hemp leaves looked different… but gosh darn it, you are right and aren’t you glad you didn’t just serve some of that up for vittles. So are there plans to get rid of that? Creative plans before the cows find it? Or just fence it off??? oy.


  2. sammi
    Aug 26, 2008 @ 23:11:19

    Ack ! Ack ack ack !! No dogbane, please! However, I think it is also called rheumatism weed cuz it will help with that particular affliction in very very small amounts. (Kinda like botox to “plump” women’s skin) … talk about oy !!


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