Phone surveys

Tis the season….. for political polls and phone surveys.

I just got off the phone with yet another political survey.  They call and say they have a few questions…..

And 25 minutes later, this is what I have to say:

Dont call me again.

Dont ask me to spend 25 minutes answering the same questions asked a different way 3 times.

If I answer you before you have read the entire question with all 4 options for answers, write the answer down.  Dont start over on that question.

Dont have the person on the end of the line asking the questions call me from freakin INDIA for an AMERICAN election poll and for MERCER COUNTY PA elected officials.  Cuz THIS Mercer County PA American objects to that.  ALOT.

(Phil English and Kathy Dahlkemper….. take note)

and then, dont have the balls to ask questions about NAFTA. (which is why none of the local folks, including Steve, have jobs)

and at the end, when you ask for verification by repeating my phone number, then you ask for my first name and I tell you…. then you say to spell my name and I do… then you ask me to spell it again slow…. and i do…






and then you ask me if GOYOE is correct ?

yeah.  it is.  verify it.

dont call me again


blue streak

Quilting up a blue streak….

And the back:

The name of the piecing design is Blue Streak.  I may need to piece one of these.  I like it’s graphic quality.

Is YOURS early too?

Steve and I both have credit cards.  He has 2, one for him, one for business.

I have one.

His bills normally come the 1st and 3rd of the month.

Mine comes anytime between the 3rd and 5th of the month.

These bills NEVER come early.

Until today.

All 3 came today.

It is the 29th of the month.

Do you think the credit card companies are nervous in this fu screwed up economy?  By sending them early, do they think we will pay our bills early?

How bout you, is yours early too?


Another UFO I dragged out:

Stack n Whack (for non-quilters, it is a method of stacking the fabric exactly on top of each pattern repeat to make a kaleidoscope effect).  I bought this fabric 10 years ago, and still love it.  This is one of my favorite stack n whack quilts, and I have made MANY.

So why did I put it away to become a UFO?


See how NOTHING MATCHES???  the points dont match where I put the stacked blocks next to the blue/white blocks.  sigh…. I hate when this happens.  So I ripped the blocks apart, redid it and it STILL was fricken off.  I REALLY hate when THAT happens.  So it became a UFO.

Fast forward a few nine years.  I decided to proceed anyway and make it a dog blanket.  Cept we have no dog.  A cow blanket?  nah…..

So in putting it together, I had decisions to make.  Because I dont like the way this looks on the side at all.  The design looks unfinished.  Look along the right side to see what I mean:

Ok, so here’s a plan:

Sometimes you need to think outside the box for design solutions.  Often, a design comes about because you are disguising a flaw of one kind or another.  So here is what I am doing to cover up the major mistakes in unmatched points my design solution:

So here it is done.  Well, not done, because I ran out of rick rack.  I need 5 more pkgs to finish it and move it out of my UFO pile to the cabinet for quilting.

Steve and I have had some flu bug this weekend.  He still is not good, but I feel MUCH better, thank you very much.  Hopefully he will bounce back tomorrow.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Weed flowers

I love my weed flowers.  I dont remember what they are called, but they are just weeds.  Every year they get taller.  8 years ago they were only waist high to me.  And there were only about 30 flowers when they all bloomed on just a few plants.

Look at them now!

The left side of the picture is where we park the car and truck.  These flowers tower over the vehicles, as I look out my kitchen window.  The birds love the bugs and seeds they find in this natural little feeding area.  And I love watching them.

The first time Steve ever brought me flowers, it was a handful of these.  Hmm, bet that’s the attachment to these weeds huh?

Double Irish Chain

This Double Irish Chain quilt got finished this week.  Steve quilted it with his favorite pattern, Falling Leaves.  This one is for a man, so it is appropriate, dont you think? (as always, photos are enlarged when you click on them)

And the back:

One man’s trash…

One man’s trash is another’s treasure?  To me, it is all trash!

Steve was in his glory this weekend.  A neighbor is moving to a townhouse and cant take all of his junk with him.  He asked Steve if he would come get some.  This is only a part of the pickup load he came home with.  And there is still another load to go get.

Of course all that will get added in with this:

And he thought I had lots of fabric.

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