UFO 3: Farmer’s Daughter

I leave for a retreat Monday, wont be home till Thurs.  A quilt retreat of course!  Sewing, eating yummy food, spending terrific quality time with my friends in a modern cabin at Pymatuning State Park.  This is our annual group event, with 3 cabins full of quilters.  If you happen to drive thru the park and see some silly old ladies strolling along with their jammies on…. that would be us.

And just for this event, I finally finished my third UFO to take to sleep under.  This quilt was started 10.5 years ago.  yes.  over 10 YEARS ago.  It is the second quilt top I ever pieced.  I had no idea what a square up ruler was, nor how to use one.  The star points are all cut off, none of the seams match where they should.  The name of the quilt is Farmer’s Daughter.

When I quilted it last week, I decided to try some new things since it would make a great practice quilt.  I also decided on the no ripping rule.  Which means no ripping out was aloud.  I didnt.  I maybe should have.  But I didnt.

I still love this quilt.  Not just because it is done, but because I can see how far I have come in 10 years.  I still love the colors, the fabrics, the pattern.  All in all, its craptastic!


The Art of Racing in the Rain

I just finished listening to this on CD this week:

It took me about a week to listen to the whole book, lots of interruptions since I listen while I quilt.  The Art of Racing in the Rain is not an all time favorite, but I did enjoy it.  Parts seemed hokey to me, but much of it was fun, or sad or profound.  Some parts made me cry.  It hit me pretty close to home on the issue of death and dying.  The book is told from the dog’s point of view.  And there is alot about car racing.  More about car racing than I cared to know…. but that’s ok.  It really does help the book in the long run.

Ok, so I’m no book reviewer.  Just know what I like and what I dont.  I would like to get this book when it comes out in paperbook and actually read it rather than listen to it.  I will say this about the audio version…. the man reading was excellent.  You can hear a clip of him reading on the link above.


a little sumpin sumpin i have going for my seeeeester…….

The whole enchilada for Kay

Kay asked for the whole enchilada a few weeks ago…. what the whole house looks like.

So…… here it is from the street.  This is the east side of the house, I am facing west as I take the picture.  Lots of siding left to do.

And this is standing in the driveway, I am facing south, looking at the north side of the house, the new studio.

And because I didnt go out in the pasture to take a picture looking straight east, this is looking southeast… at the back side of the house.  That back side is the kitchen, laundry room and former studio, which will become our bedroom.

and this is south end of the pasture, facing west.  it is what I see looking out old studio/new bedroom window or kitchen windows.

this is north end of pasture looking up into the woods, across the ucky pond. (by the gate)  it is a small part of what we can see out the studio windows.

there ya go Kay.  glad I took pictures last week, because most the leaves are off the trees after some really heavy frosts and wind.



Meet Bone.  He came with his grandpa to help….

What a good helper he is too.  Keeps “Papa” in line.

Ok, so I wont even caption these next photos.  And I wont tell you about the conversation Bone and I were having.  Bone is 3 and after being here at least 100 times, he finally spoke to me.  He likes me.  I have tractors at my house.  And cows.  And he gets to give the calf some hay.  And he gets to sit on the tractors.  I feed him cookies.  So I am ok in his book, after 100 visits.  Well, unless I have my camera directed at him.


Where the week went…..

Here is a quilt that Steve did this past week.

And this next one is what I did all week.

And the back

the lake in autumn

I love the lake year round, but autumn at the lake is my favorite.  It has gotten more colorful by the hour for the last 10 days.

(click on any picture to enlarge)

the next one is our neighbor’s farm up on the hill

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