Best Day(s)

the best day ever……


was when this little guy arrived.

Thirty two years ago today.

And he grew…..

(first birthday)

and grew……

(age four with his dad)

and kept growing till he passed up his Mom

And he became a bright young man, who found a beautiful girl to marry:

who then had two beautiful children….

Happy Birthday Neil.  Thank you for giving me so much joy in my life.

And thanks too, to your Dad who helped make it all possible.  What a wonderful Dad and Grandpa he is!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. AllenQuilts
    Oct 03, 2008 @ 16:30:07



  2. freda1951
    Oct 03, 2008 @ 17:13:36

    What a wonderful story Gayle and a beautiful family.


  3. sammi
    Oct 03, 2008 @ 18:46:45

    Leak alert ! This so moves me ….


  4. SallyP
    Oct 03, 2008 @ 19:42:17

    Oh My Your pictures are so beautiful …….Great……………………..Sally


  5. myolivebranch
    Oct 04, 2008 @ 15:33:39

    happy birthday neil. great pix gayle. just look at the eyes on those two little ones!


  6. Lynn Douglass
    Oct 06, 2008 @ 15:50:30

    Happy birthday, Neil, from another mom who celebrated a son’s birth on the same day!


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