Whistling in the Dark

I finished the book Whistling in the Dark last week.  I loved it.  I loved it so much that I stayed up one nite till 3am to finish it.

It has all my favorite things that a book can have:  coming of age story, mystery, intrigue, laugh out loud funny sometimes, profound at others, and told in first person.  In this case, the story is told by a 10 year old.

And best of all?  The play on words.  The use of words.  Marvelous.  Clever.  Profound.


So I did my own “whistling” today…… even tho it was in the bright sunshine.

Background:  I am terrified of snakes.

So a client was leaving today, standing with the door open, and nonchalantely says “oh, there’s a snake”.

And I promptly shut the door in her face and told her to go get in her car.

She laughed and said “it wont hurt you, its just a garter snake.  oh, but it is a BIG one!  Its coming right out of this hole by the house”

GO GET IN YOUR CAR I yelled, trying to remain calm.  By now I had locked the door.  No snake coming in, Im not going out!

She left.

I got my camera, tried to see snake out the window.  couldnt see it.  put on shoes, go outside out other door on a snake hunt with camera….. thank god for zoom so i dont have to go close.

so it was 2 hours before the snake killer got home.  TWO HOURS!  the nerve!  because really.  which is worse?  knowing the snake is out there, but not knowing EXACTLY where?  or knowing exactly where it is, which requires WATCHING the dam thing??  ugh.  two slow hours.  i was incapacitated.  could do nothing but make sure every 5 minutes it hadnt moved far.  its only about a foot long, and is missing part of its tail….. but it moved to the grass which made it harder to see, which required extra vigilance.

the snake killer is my hero.  he says “I jobbed it with a shovel and then the Good Lord called the poor thing home”  which of course made me giggle.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vicki W
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 07:27:16

    I am EXACTLY like you about smakes. I am absolutely horrified of them. I can’t even look at your photo. I had to kill one in the house once because Chris was out of town and it was hanging out next to the quilting machine. It took a half a bottle of scotch to get up the nerve but I got the hoe, put on my sunglasses and did the deed. It was about 14″ long. I’ve never been so frightened in my life. I was hungover the next day too.


  2. myolivebranch
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 07:56:10

    i am now enjoying that same book! thanks gayle and i’m loving it too.

    the snake. yeah, i don’t even wanna know what it would have taken for me to kill it. hate hate snakes.

    wishn’ randi lived with me somedays!


  3. sammi
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 19:26:13

    And I think MOST snakes are wonderful. Don’t get me wrong …. no black mambas, cottonmouths, water moccasins or puff adders for me; but MOST are wonderful vermin getter ridders of. Very taxing syntax there, huh. Sorry.


  4. Sharon Dixon
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 21:47:19

    Gayle, I hate snakes too. I was horrified recently when I walked in my kitchen and saw a little bitty snake wriggling around on the floor. There was no way I was letting him out of my sight to go get a hoe, so I grabbed a butcher knife and hacked at him while standing as far from him as I could. Then I was too freaked out to get him out of the house. I finally got up my nerve and raked him in the dustpan and threw him out. YUCK! Now I always turn on the kitchen light when I go in there at night.


  5. KK
    Oct 15, 2008 @ 07:59:00

    Oh, geezy, Gayle, I’m with you. I had a garter snake trying to hang out on the porch to the studio last month. YUCK!! Now when I go out to take a break from quilting I’m in constant alarm mode in case he’s lurking somewhere.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. Just yesterday my sewing/quilting group decided to add book discussion to our monthly sessions. We chose John Grisham’s latest The Appeal for our first book and I think I’m going to suggest Whistling in the Dark for our second read.

    Right now I’m listening to The Shipping News on CD while I quilt. I almost quit after the first CD but hung in through the second and now I’m hooked. It’s an older book – came out in 1994. Set in Newfoundland.


  6. Mary
    Oct 15, 2008 @ 19:14:30

    I just ordered the book from Amazon – thanks for the recommendation.

    I used to see snakes when we lived in GA but haven’t ever seen any here in MN thank goodness – I hate them too.


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