Joe rocks

Joe rocks.  Yes he does.  Joe Boxer that is.

I am a pajama connoisseur.  I know good jammies when I have em on.  Actually, I know them when I see them.  For comfort (because nothing else really matters) they need to be a little bit big, all cotton, no lace cuz it’s itchy, elastic waist, and preferably made by Joe Boxer.  Joe just knows how to do it right.

I always tell Steve he can safely buy me jammies as long as they are extra fat and JB’s.  He always says “IM not going to buy you  any dam jammies.  I might have to walk by those covers and such.”  (covers are bras.  aka white covers or pink covers, or padded covers or whatever other descriptor that fits)

So today I did a KMart run.  I only needed some little stuff for stockings.  I walk in the door and the first thing inside the door is heaped full CARTS of JB jammies.  and TWO, count em TWO pair in my fat size.  I snatched them right up, since they were buy one get one FREE.  hey, how could I go wrong?    As I ambled around the store, there were FOUR places where they had heaped carts of JB jammies for women.  and the only 2 pair in the store in my fat size were in MY cart.  YAY for me!

heres what one pair looks like.   I snickered…… and then guffawed all by myself as I thought of both Kay and Adam when I bought these.


I snickered….. and then guffawed…..

(all by myself as I walked thru KMart….. )

as I thought of Kay……

and Adam…..

when I bought these.

I make myself so proud sometimes.

I have on my new jammies and plan on watching Survivor Gabon.  I’m voting for Sugar.  Or Bob.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diana Wilson
    Dec 14, 2008 @ 23:43:16

    I musta missed some good conversations in chat! I like your pink jammies though. I told both Mark and Jess I want jammies and slippers. Think I’ll get any?


  2. sammi
    Dec 15, 2008 @ 00:51:51

    LMAO ! golly whiz darn! I can’t even type a response ! LMAOOOO now maybe I can pick it up off the floor ……… guffaw!!!!!!! LMAO !
    Covers !! (snicker snicker) LMAO ! Jeepers! I hope Kay and Adam are proud … and not laying down under their machines to hide! LMAO !


  3. myolivebranch
    Dec 15, 2008 @ 07:28:57

    hey! you’ll look fantab in those! good score.


  4. Jan
    Dec 15, 2008 @ 08:54:58

    ROFLOL I have no idea about the Kay & Adam reference, but I LOVE the new jammies!!! 😀 I feel the same way about the Life is Good or Big Dog ones. Tell Steve he can shop online and not have to walk by the covers…. they’ll even come wrapped in plain brown wrap 😉 Enjoy the jammies!!


  5. Terri
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 08:09:13

    You know me and jammies! I haven’t tried Joe, but I might have to they sound fab!! I have been getting Nick and Nora from Target…..hmmmm


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