“Uncertainty” published

In December, I was interviewed by Jake Finch, of Quilter’s Home Magazine for an article about controversial quilts.  That article is now published in the March issue.  It hit the newstands this week.

Because I renewed my subscription in December, I wont get this issue in the mail as I had thought.  I am waiting for my son and another friend to send me copies.

The REAL controversy is that JoAnn fabrics has decided to not carry this issue of the magazine.  They think it is too controversial, too risque’.  They have already heard from me.  I was polite, but honestly, I think they are making a mistake.  We spend alot of personal and business dollars there….. and it makes me rethink how much I will spend there in the future.  I can just as easily buy online.  I am not boycotting the store, just thinking I dont need to spend as much there as I normally would.  Think they care?  I seriously doubt it.

Anyway, if you want to read more about the issues, go to Mark Lipinski’s blog to read what he has to say.

What I have to say is I am SO FRICKEN PROUD to be in the company of these other artists.    I am beyond excited….. and I havent even read the article!

Here are the other artists and links to their work:

God of Our Silent Tears and Southern Heritage/Southern Shame by Gwendolyn Magee

I Remain by Randall Cook

Jesus Get Your Gun by Shawn Quinlin

Helping Hand by Mary Beth Bellah

The L Word by Diane Johns  (I couldnt find a link for this one, sorry)

And even though most of you have seen it before, here is my quilt, “Uncertainty”, along with the artist’s statement that helps explain it.

The Yoni Quilt Challenge was a challenge for QuiltArt list members.
For those that dont know, Yoni is a Hindu word for vagina.

Now for those that know me well….. well, let’s just say they were shocked that I would consider participating in this challenge. My sister asked “well, why not your ELBOW??” which is the same thing everyone pretty much wanted to know. The true challenge for me was the subject, initially. Once I got past that, it was easy. Maybe it was timing…. as my Mom died in August of last year. So, here is what I did.

Artist Statement for “Uncertainty”:
Dimensions: 19” wide X 20” high


Uncertainty about

Uncertainty makes me want to crawl in a hole.
Crawl back to my Mother’s arms.
Crawl back inside her Yoni.
Mother’s love is the one constant in life.

Uncertainty about

My Mother is gone.
Uncertainty is the one constant in life.

GAM 12-7-06

Materials and Techniques Used: commercial fabrics, Quilter’s Dream batting, Aleene’s Tacky Glue, Prismacolor watercolor pencils, Liquitex fabric medium, PermaCore and MaxiLok threads. Raw edge appliqué, watercolor drawing on fabric, machine quilting on Gammill Classic.





I have no idea why I am so blessed….

I have the most special friends on earth.  And two of those friends sent me gifts this week.  I dont know why, and dont feel particularly deserving, but hey, I LOVE IT!

Sammi sent me a diet cookbook.  It is one she uses often and likes, so it has to be good!  I wonder if she knew I collect cookbooks and have hundreds?  But I didnt have this one.  Glad I do now.

And man oh man, that Kay….. I knew she was sending me some books.  We sometimes trade books back and forth, and I knew she was sending me some quilt books from her yard sale this summer.   But when I opened the boxes (yes TWO boxes) there was a huge surprise.  A whole set of enamelware that she says is to use out on our patio.  Hey, it’s too snowy out there so I am using them inside!


Year of the Cow/ox

This is the Year of the Cow or Ox.

From our house to yours…. may your year be prosperous and healthy… and full of beef to eat!


3 kinds of woodpeckers

Thanks to some of my readers, I have been learning more about birds and can even tell the difference between kinds of woodpeckers now.

This is a Downy Woodpecker.  He is very small.


And a Hairy Woodpecker.


And wow!  Ive never ever seen one of these before.  It was HUGE!  The size of a large crow!  A Pileated Woodpecker.


Lonestar done

It took way too long, but only because I didnt have enough spoons in any given day to get done sooner.

So, here it is finished.  If you click on a photo, it will enlarge it.






And the back:





Every holiday, every celebration in this house, requires that the Christmas lights are on!  They are strung along the bottom of the loft overlooking the living room.


Care to join us?  We are celebrating the Inauguration of President Obama.


Yes, I still quilt.  NO I am not just a birdwatcher.

This beast has been on my machine for a week.  Besides the fact that it has lots of problems….. and that I have not felt great…… and that we have had no heat in the studio part of the week…… and the fact I am NOT motivated on this quilt because it has so many problems…..

I am almost done.  Maybe today I can get it off the machine and move on to something better.

This is the quilt draped across the machine before I loaded it.  As you can see, it has some issues with fullness.


All that excess fabric has to go somewhere, preferably with no puckers or pleats.  But ya know?  You can only do the best you can with what youre given.




here is just half of one of those big squares.


I’ll post photos of the finished quilt in the next day or so.

Better get to it!

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