Lots of folks who blog are posting a photo a day.  I am not ready to commit to doing something every day, but will try to be better at having a photo for every post.  The challenge for ME is then what to say about the photo?  So I may not say much!

I was afraid if I didnt say something about today’s photo, you would wonder what the heck it was and what was I thinking when I took it.

As I walked around our property yesterday, I saw something I hadnt noticed when before.  Maybe because there was snow on the ground, or the driveway was covered in ice.

So this is what happens when the ground freezes and thaws repeatedly.  Granted, this is on a small scale.  But it reminds me of why huge slabs of rock can go crashing down onto a roadway in the mountains.  Isnt nature great?



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  1. SallyP
    Jan 07, 2009 @ 19:31:34

    I love the picture of the frozen earth ….It tells a wonderful story………………………….Sally


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