Cute alert!

Neil and Yvonne took William for his first haircut yesterday.


He is getting SO grown up!

If you want to see more photos, you can go HERE. Neil turned the photos into a little story board and it is pretty funny.



2 finishes today.  One for me, one for Steve.

Here is the one I finished.




The back doesnt show the quilting much, you have to enlarge it to see.

And this baby quilt is what Steve did today.  I think it is adorable.



Arent those baby buggies cute??

What I’m working on

I don’t know the name of this quilt pattern, only that the fabric is by Paula Nadelstern.  This is a custom quilt job.  Difficult to see the quilting…. the fabric is busy.  Have to stay off certain areas where the client will be adding beads.  Trickier than the standard fare in our shop.

In progress…..



If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you MAY be able to see the gold thread.  It is Reingold thread, one of my favorites for adding a touch of glitz without having to fuss with metallic thread.  I can use Superior metallics just fine, but have to change to a larger needle.  So go ahead and say it…. I’m lazy.  And I like Reingold.

When finished, I will post photos of the whole quilt.  This one is for show, and I was nervous to start.  Then Steve said “all of her quilts are for show, so what’s the difference?”  He is so right….. and that brought me to my senses.  Once I got started,  everything went well.

One Block Wonder again

I didnt fall in a hole.  I’m alive and well, thank you very much.  Sometimes life gets busy and I dont have time to post on the blog.

Ive been quilting and sewing and bird watching.  And reading and playing and walking and cooking.  You know, regular life.

I finished my OBW, it is ready to quilt someday. Here it is:


Tops done

Here are 2 of the quilt tops I made at the lake this week.


This first one was made with some gorgeous metallic fabric Phylis bought me.  I didnt even want to cut it, so left it in big squares.


And this little one I think will go to my friend who is in a wheelchair.  It is made from Moda charm squares and my own pink and green snow dyed fabric.

I worked on 2 other projects too.  One I wont be ready to show you for months.  The other one is the One Block Wonder (OBW) that I put borders on.  I have just a little bit to do to it and it will be ready for quilting.

And here are pictures of our “front yard” at the cabin.  This was my favorite cabin in the whole park.  Best view, best everything.  Except the water pump that made an awful noise every time the toilet flushed…sounded like a chain saw!   I had a great time at the lake, got lots done and needed to come home and rest up!  We dont sleep much when we go there.





As much as I love to go to the lake with the gals…. I am always glad to come home to Steve.

Pumpkin Seed quilt

Just realized that I never posted the quilt that I did so much leafy background fill on. Here it is done:







Sometimes I dont know what secondary design will appear on the back.  This time it was a happy accident.  (click on any photo to enlarge…. particularly one of the last two.)

I will be gone to a quilting retreat most of this week.  Doubt I will have time to post much.

My rainbow

Here is a goofy little way to waste time… but ya know? It is pretty true!

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