MQX Mon and Tue

Tuesday evening checking in…..

Monday’s class with Jessica Schick was great.  What a wonderful teacher.  I knew she was a fabulous artist, but that doesnt always equate to teaching abilities.  This time it did.  She was warm, helpful and oh so patient.  Many of the others had had classes with her before.  And it was an intermediate/advanced class.  I was a beginner.  OH NO!   I learned a ton about painting with dye.  I painted 2 small pieces and had a blast.  I have another class with her tomorrow.

Today, I had a wholecloth class with Irena Bluhm.  Oh my.  What a warm, generous, creative teacher.  Beautiful work, beautifully done books.  I really enjoyed this class.  I plan on either painting with dye, or coloring with colored pencils the piece I drew out in her class.

Tomorrow is my fullest class day.  I have 3 classes back to back from 8am to 6pm.

Ive taken pictures, but havent been in my room long enough to upload them to the laptop.  Not sure if that will happen here or not.  One day at a time.

Tonite was the Ice Cream Social.  Tomorrow nite is show preview and the vendors open.  I bet it will be a late nite again.

Here is what my observations are about New Hamphire:

The dirt is yellowish, sandy looking.  Dont know if it feels sandy, but it looks sandy.  Very light colored compared to Western PA.

They dont know how to make salad..

They never heard of steak salad …… at least not the kind in W PA. with steak, cheese, fries and all the other greens

Maybe more in  a day or 2…….


Checking in and out

A quick check in…. and back out.

We got another new calf… a girl this time.  She is doing well.  Her Mom is an excellent Mom.

I have spent several days this week sorting thru another quilter’s “stuff”.  She is not doing well physically, and not able to sew anymore.  Not sure what the next step will be.  Still working on it, and the family is making the decisions.

I am excited about MQX.  I have a boatload of classes lined up… things I am really interested in.  Have my laptop loaded with software, charged up and ready to go.  Camera charged and ready.  Clothes packed, leaving some room to be able to bring home some quilting goodies for the business.  Thread for sure, templates probably and I am always a sucker for books.

I hope to be able to load photos to the laptop and have time to share some here from New Hampshire.  No promises, as I dont know how my body will hold up to classes, show, lots of friends old and new, and still fitting in some blog reports.

Maybe when I get home it will be spring???


No More Bottle Baby

This afternoon Deenie finally let her calf feed normally.  She is not a good mom yet.  But she is slowly becoming more tolerant.

The best part is that we no longer have to bottle feed the calf.  That frees up about an hour a day.

Wonder what I can do with that extra hour?  hmmmmmm……… sleep?

Ive been getting ready for my trip to MQX.  A full week of quilt show, classes and seeing friends and colleagues….. old and new.  I am getting pretty excited as the day to leave approaches.  Still have some prep work to do for a couple classes.  But today I did the quarterly State Sales Taxes, so that is HUGE progress.

Maybe I can treat you to some quilty photos tomorrow.

New Calf

Warning: to Neil and Yvonne and to Jan….. if you are reading this to the kids, you may want to read first and then decide what you want to say to Elizabeth or to the Princess.  I know the Princess doesnt know where burger comes from!

We got another calf this morning.  Steve went out to the pasture this morning, scooped him up and took him to the barn.  When he does this, the hope is that Mom (Deenie) will follow.  It took about an hour, and Steve finally coaxed her into the box stall.

Well…. this is Deenie’s first calf.  And she is NOT a good mom.  In fact, I spent 2 hours in the barn crying.  She would head butt her calf across the stall.  Slam him into the rails and walls.  Refused to let him feed.  Won’t let him get near her udder.

I told Steve it she did this all day and night, we would lose the calf.  I was ready to shoot Deenie myself, call the meat wagon and have her made into burger.  It will happen eventually (in 2 years) so it is no big deal to make it happen today!

So I went to Tractor Supply and left Steve in the barn.  I picked up milk replacer and colostrum for the calf.  At this point, he needs the colostrum whether she decides to cooperate and feed the calf or not.

By the time I got home an hour and a half later, Steve had Deenie calmed down some.  Not alot, but some.  At least she wasnt actively kicking and head butting the little guy.  We just got him fed his colostrom and will feed him again later, unless we see Deenie actively feeding him.

My guess on the situation?  This will be a bottle fed baby.  And Deenie will be burger before fall.  Hope I’m wrong…

Deenie butted her calf a second before the camera… this is after he rebounded off the gate.


We slid in a metal gate to divide the 2.  Deenie was pretty nonchalant about it after a minute or so.  Kept eating her hay while keeping an eye on us.  Steve got the honors of feeding the calf.


Once he started feeding him, he never attempted to get up.  Kind of unusual.


He was exhausted after drinking down 2 quarts of colostrum.  And look  at that red nose.  They are always red when first born, but his is redder than our others.  I wondered if he banged it on the wall or gate, but dont really know.


After a few minutes rest, he popped right up.


We slid the gate out from between the 2 and Deenie came right over to check him out.  She nudged him a little, grunted, and licked the colostrum off his face.  It was the first nice thing I had seen her do.


And he was immediately trying to nurse again.  She shooed him away, but at least she isnt actively kicking him across the box stall.


The other calf due will be out of an experienced cow.  Hopefully it will be easier than this one.  Having a bottle baby in the barn just means  extra work for both of us.   It doesnt hurt us, it just means more time spent in the barn.