New Year’s Eve party?

New Year’s Eve day…. lets get ready to party:

Want to sit on the patio and have a drink?

Me neither.

Want to throw some shrimp on the barbie?

Me neither.

This is the kind of day it is outside.  I vote for another jammie day.  I am staying inside, looking outside, and maybe we can have some appetizers and hot chocolate by the fire later.  Instead of sewing or quilting today, I spent the ENTIRE day going back and forth from window to window, from one end of the compound to the other…. getting my exercise by watching the birds at the feeders.  Oh happy day!  I love this kind of day.

I am happy to share with you ….  and remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge it.

The birds found the bird balls within an hour of Steve hanging it up for me.  This is a nighthawk and a chickadee.

Here is a woodpecker and a nuthatch I think.  Maybe it is a titmouse?  I dont know.

Another woodpecker.  We have lots of them, all different kinds and sizes.

Here is my showoff.  A male cardinal.  He poses for me often.

And this is his beautiful girlfriend.

This bluejay doesn’t sit still for long.  Pretty hard to ever capture him in a photo.

This next one….. I was sure I was seeing things….

I thought I saw a hawk in a lower bush.  That’s weird, they normally perch fairly high up in a tree.  I watch hawks every day of the year, so this was amazing to me.  I grabbed the camera, zoomed in and took the shot.  I only got one, because he was taking off as I shot this.

And what a surprise!  It is some kind of owl.  Not sure what kind.

Tonight we are staying home, off the roads and having our own little party with just the 2 of us.  We like quiet and uneventful.

Wherever you are, and however you choose to celebrate (or not), have a safe and happy New Year.


Let’s fall back to fall

You don’t really want to hear me complain about snow and cold, so come on a little trip with me to fall.  Last fall.  A few months ago when the weather was perfect, the trees were pretty and the Mazon/McKay Compound was getting a facelift.

Steve and Josh spent most of 2 months putting new siding on all of the older parts of the house to match the siding on our new attached studio.

Here are some photos of the job in progress, with captions below each photo:

some of the barn boards rotted in the dirt.  Steve ran a sheet of aluminum between the boards and the insulation, but put it in deep in the ground to touch the foundation stones.  (yes, stones.  the oldest part of the house is over 100 yrs, it was an old carriage shed)

That bay window almost got replaced, but maybe next year.   And maybe next year he will take out the huge maple tree stump.

A new window in the downstairs bedroom.  The old one was… well… awful.

Of course they don’t make windows the right size of what was needed.  So they filled in the hole above the new window.  It came out just fine.

Josh painted every inch of the new siding himself.  He also did all the caulking and trim work.  He was a huge help to Steve.  We never would be done without his work.

Here it is done, from the street.  This is the front.  The bay window is our living room.  Left side addition is our old studio and will eventually be our bedroom.  Right side addition is our new studio.

Another view of the front.  See that “door to nowhere” as my friend calls it?  That is our bedroom.

The back side almost done.  Steve also put a siding panel in front of the garage door so it all matches too.  Makes the studio much warmer and quieter to have that extra insulation and siding over the door.

And the last job was to put up new screen doors on all the doors.  I could barely watch this operation on our bedroom door!

Can’t forget to show you a few cows….

And this was our first snow….. way back in October.

geesh, no wonder I am tired of snow already!  And we have 3 more months of it to go!

We know how to have a good time

We know how to have a good time….

It has been snowing and blowing for days, and I have not been outside or out of my jammies in … oh… a week?  10 days??  Lost count, doesnt matter much.

I do like to look out though….

Steve has been doing lots of learning….

on his new steel guitar.  He gets better every day I think.  He just started learning how to play it this week.

See that left index finger?  That permanent position is the result of having it crushed by a backhoe bucket.  That is why he cant play regular guitar anymore.  So he is trying to learn to play steel.

And I finally got a quilt of my own on the machine.  This one is for a certain 4 year old little girl…. if her Mom thinks she will like it.  I was in charge of running a mystery quilt for our Tuesday quilt group, and this is what we made.  I bet it won’t take 10 days before a certain 4 year old plucks off those flowers!  I still need to do the handwork on the binding.

This is the back.


Some of you have emailed me to find out if I was ok.  And a few have called too.  Yes, we are fine.  All 3 of us.  THREE.

Steve’s son moved in with us right after Steve’s Dad died in September.  Josh needed a soft place to land….. and this is it.  Since he moved in, he has gotten a new job.  He has no car though, so Steve drives him in my car back and forth to work.  It is lots of miles (25 one way, so 100 miles a day) and lots of time, but we think Josh is worth the investment.  He is working on being able to be self sufficient again.  Soon, we hope!

So, life gets in the way sometimes, right?  And that is what has happened.  We continue to quilt, raise cattle, and sew…. but Steve spend lots more time in my car and I spend lots more time cooking and doing laundry.

Anyway, thanks for asking… and thanks for caring.