Scrap Garden

I have 2 buckets full of 2.5″ strips.  In an effort to use up some of those strips, I started cutting out a new quilt last week. This is the quilt all laid out on the design wall.

The entire wall is now covered, and it never made a dent in the buckets of strips.  I started sewing the pieces together today.  It is brainless sewing, since I used a template for the half hex.

I finished listening to Prayers for Sale while sewing.  Not my favorite book, but not awful either.  Next up to listen to is The Glass Castle.  I may start it tomorrow.  Or not.  Sometimes, I need a day or two between books.   For some reason, I like to let the finished book “settle” before I start the new one.  Same is true for movies.  We watched Precious last night, and that will take a week or so before it “settles”.

Yesterday I had a half day to myself.  I went ALONE…. yes, ALONE….. to the local quilt shop to do a little retail therapy.  (My friend Kay S. says I was doing my civic duty by boosting the economy!)  I spent 2 glorious hours finding the fabrics I need for a new project that is spinning in my head.  I got a new book last week, and I am revising one of the patterns in it to make it the way I need to.

This is what I bought:

It is only the 2nd time I have ever bought oriental themed fabric.  I normally don’t like it.  But isn’t this one yummy?  And the first 4 fabrics in the top left corner are Fairy Frosts.  Those are the accents in the quilt.

I have to get that Scrap Garden off my wall so I can this new one up!  The new one will be time consuming.  Much more difficult piecing and layout.  Lots of planning.  I hope the effort is worth it.