my twin brother died last night.

mri tomorrow.

another mri monday.

quilting deadlines.

too much of life is getting in the way to blog much.

didn’t forget you!

back soon.



Sexy tree

Steve:  “I wish that Blue Spruce would get some pinecones on it so I could get some seeds.”
Me:  “Is it a sexy tree?”
Steve:  “You mean does it need another tree to pollinate it?  I think you are asking how it propagates.”
yeah.  I was.  I love him.  He knows what I mean when I don’t know how to say it.  The blue spruce, I used to call the tree of life because of the wildlife living it it.  It is now the sexy tree.

This is typical of how I talk when I am sick.  Can’t find the word or string of words.  Steve has become a great translator.


Big and Beautiful

Big and beautiful…. the quilt, not me, you silly.

I have not been able to quilt as much as I normally do because I have been pretty sick.   But little by little, I finally got this quilt done.  It was on my machine for 18 days.  Normally, I would have been able to do this one in 4 days.    Thankfully, my friend Sammi has been patient about waiting for me to finish.

This is while it was still on my machine, being quilted:








And the back:



So Fine thread in bobbin, White Glide on top.  Quilter’s Dream Puff batting.