Who else is watching?

Who else has been watching the Casey Anthony trial?  Go ahead, admit it.  You know you are.  It is perfect entertainment while quilting.  I can stop and watch at the good parts, follow along just by listening to all the rest.

Why do I care you ask?  Mostly because I love the legal system.  I have a Criminal Justice AA degree and took more law classes in college and grad school.  I almost went to law school in the 80’s, but ultimately decided not to.  Sometimes I regret that decision, mostly I don’t.

I think I also enjoy watching because of the cast of characters.  I like the variety of human emotions, the use of science and technology, and the way the 2 sides present their arguments.  Judge Perry rules the court with strict decorum, but still shows his brilliant humor from time to time.  He is a smart man, for sure.

As of today, I think the prosecution is winning.  But the defense hasn’t finished presenting their side, so maybe they will show or tell me something to change my mind.  The first thing they need to explain is why Casey never told anyone Caylee was missing for 31 days.  (hey Ricky, you got some s’plainin’ to do!)  Convince me of a good reason, and THEN explain the rest to me.  Then I would think there could be an acquittal.  I don’t see that happening.

So go ahead, speak up.  Who else is watching??  And what else are you doing while you watch?  Quilting?  Cooking?  Knitting?  Sewing?  Cleaning house?




6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sammi
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 23:15:03

    Oh gosh. You KNOW I’m watching for all the reasons you state above (except the degree!). I hear one side and think, yep, that’s it! Then hear the other side and think, well, maybe … But not with this trial. Unless the defense comes up with something that is not a lie, I think they have a wrong defense … which may be the whole theory. The woman is not only a pathological liar, she is a sociopath. The best defense I can think of is “mental defect” … but I’m not sure she has enough “mental” to be “defective”. I am “watching” it while doing genealogy. And it’s a darned good thing I’m not opinionated, huh!


  2. Patty E
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 10:12:44

    I want to hear explanations too: 1) Why wait so long to tell anyone, 2) Why party hearty, laughing and drinking while her little one was “missing”, 3) Get a tattoo “The Beautiful Life” again while her little one was “missing”……..just doesn’t add up……so sad because her little one was adorable and didn’t deserve to have her life cut short…whatever the reason was behind it…


    • Gayle
      Jun 22, 2011 @ 12:55:24

      Patty…. exactly! And 4) why not call 911 if your child drowned, 5) why put duct tape on her face/head after she is dead 6) why dump that child in the woods like garbage? 7) why lie to your parents and everyone else you meet?

      Oh, the list goes on and on!


  3. Anonymous
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 16:11:42

    I can’t see how this can be called entertainment. A baby girl was murdered. This isn’t a cast of characters. Sad.


    • Gayle
      Jun 22, 2011 @ 20:18:20

      Well Mr/Ms Anonymous, you are surely entitled to your opinion. Yes indeed, a toddler was murdered. Perhaps my choice of words was not the best, but I do watch tv and listen to books while machine quilting. In a way, it becomes entertainment, in that it is something else to think about while I quilt too. As far as characters……. believe me, there are some. As there are in all of life.


  4. shirley bruner
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 19:57:03

    i know i live in the woods….but i have no idea who this is or what happened. i have heard people mention a trial but i am clueless. i do not watch tv as a rule. i am assuming this woman killed her child? if so, i am of the opinion that a trial is a waste and we should do to her whatever she did to her child……but that’s just me.


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