It is always a thrill when I see a bird that I have never seen before.  And an even bigger thrill when I am able to get pictures of it!

Today I saw 4 Bobolinks.  According to my bird book, the springtime Bobolinks are the “only North American land birds that are dark below and light above.”










Common Flicker

Look who came to see us today:


I have been seeing this Common Flicker for several days, but today was the first time I got to photograph him.

Our American Smoke is particularly beautiful this year.


Yesterday, Steve’s brother came to help him move some farm implements and other crap.  While he had help, I convinced Steve to get my 25 yr old couch out of this house.


Steve wondered if a bear might want to sleep on the burn pile!  He will light it when it isn’t so windy.

I don’t have a replacement yet.  Just empty space in my living room.  I went to a local furniture store that is having a “going out of business sale”.  The couch I saw 2 mos ago for 600.00 was marked at 1200.00 today.  Half off means it is now 600.  Great sale, huh?  I didn’t buy anything.  Have 2 more stores to check out in the coming days/week.



Birds on Birds in the Air

I added some birds to the birds in the air quilt for Quinn.  I haven’t decided on fabrics for borders yet.  Maybe this weekend I will get to that.


And just because I like this photo, here is a real bird out my window this morning:


And here are our amaryllis flowers.  We call them Mutt and Jeff.

Look who came home

Look who came home.

red winged blackbirds


and most exciting….. the robins.  a whole flock of them!

and the snowdrops are blooming!

And a gratuitous shot of Chrissy… just because she was feeling pretty and was posing for the camera as she slogged through the mud and snow.


We had a sunny day today.

And for the first time since mid-December, we saw a patch of blacktop on our road!

gratuitous shot of the “ballpecker”.

Feeding frenzy

We have had a nonstop feeding frenzy at our bird feeder this week.  This is the first time I have ever tried to use the video feature on my camera, so it is not great quality.

This feeder was FULL an hour prior to taking this video.

If you can’t watch videos on your computer, I am sorry.  I doubt I will do many of these, but it was fun to try.  My son will be impressed, I am sure!  See Neil?  I am not completely computer stupid.  (says the Mom who calls him to ask stupid computer questions)


What I saw Monday:

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

See the difference in their heads?

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