Baltimore Race

Since we don’t feed the birds once the snow melts, we don’t see Baltimore Races or Northern Orioles very often in our yard.  When I was making the bed this morning, I kept hearing a bird that sounded different.  I grabbed my camera in time to find the Baltimore Race in the trees outside our bedroom.  I have never gotten photos of these birds, or of any orioles.  The Northern Oriole is different, it has an orange crown.  I see them flying sometimes, but I am never quick enough with my camera.  It was fun to finally capture this one thru my lens.










Purple Finch and Wilson’s Warbler

Yesterday, I got photos of a Purple Finch.

100_7507 100_7508


And a Wilson’s Warbler.








Gray Catbird

Another new-to-me bird.  I saw this gray catbird all day today.  I finally took my camera out and got a couple of pictures of it.





It is always a thrill when I see a bird that I have never seen before.  And an even bigger thrill when I am able to get pictures of it!

Today I saw 4 Bobolinks.  According to my bird book, the springtime Bobolinks are the “only North American land birds that are dark below and light above.”









Starting to thaw out

Last night I heard a strange noise and it woke me up.  Rain on the roof!  It has been months since I have heard rain.  The rain really helps the snow to melt.

Here is the Nishnabotna River in our back yard.  (I have no idea what that means, but it is what Steve calls the swail that fills with water often.)

In the top right corner, you can see the pasture is flooded and partially frozen. So my friend Sammi was worried about the cows standing in that water.  They aren’t.  They are in the other pasture that is higher and gated off from this one.

That swail runs into the swampy part of our property.  The birds were above it all.  Isn’t she a beauty?

Lots of rivers and creeks are rising and flooding.  The grocery store parking lot was flooded today, which made it tricky for lots of people who were trying to drive or walk through it.

And these guys were REALLY happy.  A flock of 60 (Steve counted, not me) headed right over to the neighbor’s corn field.

pretty wings!


this one is for Vicki…. because she likes chickadees.



We had more freezing rain, snow, sleet, ice drips.



Guess what?!  I did not forget how to quilt.  I haven’t gotten too far on this, and it is taking much longer than it should, but I am working at it.  Only a couple hours a day at the most while in a flare, but doing it.  I have never done these curly feathers and not sure if I like them or not.  But it is good to try new things, right?

Playing with Possibilities

I got a few more dies for my GO! cutter and have been playing with so many possibilities!  I have always been smitten with hexes.

Combine hexes with stack n whack and I am in my glory!

And the taxes are done.  That is cause for celebration!

We had several days of warmth and snow melting.  Last night it snowed, sleeted, rained, froze, dripped, froze some more and snowed again.  Ugly.  And more to come tonight and tomorrow.


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