Irving Lester’s “Star List” Used in Class

Some of my readers are former students of my late brother, Irving Lester.  Evidently, he handed out a “Star List” to those students, to help them with grammar. (He taught English for many years.)  I was sent a copy of that list today, and have posted it here, for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

Special thanks to Kelly Johnson, for providing me with the document.

It is a .pdf file, so you can download it easier.

Irving Lester’s Star List used in class


Indigo Bunting

Finally, some decent shots of our Indigo Bunting.

Indigo 429

Indigo 420

Purple Finch and Wilson’s Warbler

Yesterday, I got photos of a Purple Finch.

100_7507 100_7508


And a Wilson’s Warbler.








Gray Catbird

Another new-to-me bird.  I saw this gray catbird all day today.  I finally took my camera out and got a couple of pictures of it.




New Barn

I know I haven’t blogged in forever…. more about that in a different post.

For now, I wanted to share photos of our new barn as it was being built.   We have had several requests for photos from people who are considering using our contractor, and this seems like an easy place to direct them to photos.  Our contractor was Hostetler Construction from Cochranton, PA.  We highly recommend them.  They do quality work with quality materials.  They construct Borkholder Buildings, pole construction barns, ag buildings,etc.  I love that they come when they say they will, and have a strong work ethic.  They put up our barn during the coldest, windiest, snowy December week of 2013.


The barn components were delivered.



First pole up.



All the poles are up.



First truss going up.



All the framework is done.



Working on second side of roof.



Working on the roof.



Starting doors and siding.






Finishing up details.



The Borkholder emblem.  Lots of our clients have asked what quilt block that is!  We hope to get a big quilt block up sometime, but probably on the gable end of our quilt studio, not on the barn.



All done!






New couch

We went to find a new couch and chair today.

YAY!  I have a place to sit, other than at my desk.  I am going to test them both for the rest of the day.

They aren’t exciting, but sure better than what we had.

Lazy Sunday

It’s been a lazy kind of  Sunday.  Got the work done this morning that had to be done and got to be lazy the rest the afternoon.

Took a nap.


Then I got too hot because my feet were in the sun.


and Steve was making too much noise, so I woke up.


Rubbed my itchy eye



Wiped my nose


Scratched my head


Prayed to find something interesting for supper

Stretched my back


And hopped to it!

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