Joseph’s (Ugly) Jacket

I spent 2 days working on this sweatshirt jacket.  Our studio is often pretty cool in the winter, so I wear some sort of sweatshirt or jacket while working.

I dismantled an old sloppy sweatshirt, pulled out my 2 bins of strips and got to work.  It’s ugly, but it fits and it’s warm!


And the back:



Exciting news

You know how sometimes you donate time or money and then wonder if that effort was worth it?  Well, I have news for you.

Almost a year ago I was taking names for the Alzheimer’s banners that were made by the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative.   Many of my blog readers sent me names of their loved ones who are or were affected by Alzheimer’s to be included on the banners.

If you go to the AAQI blog, you will see the displays of these many banners.  But MOST importantly, you can read about a huge discovery just made about Alzheimer’s.  And that discovery was made because of the donations made to this cause by quilters and quilt lovers throughout the world.

It is true.  We can make a difference in our world.

Please….. go to AAQI and donate, if you haven’t already.  Or donate again in celebration!



Feathered Dahlia

It has been a long wait…… but it finally happened.  My Feathered Dahlia quilt and pattern have been published in the Dec/Jan issue of Quilters’ Newsletter Magazine.

Make sure you pick up a copy so you can make your own.  I would love to see what you do with this pattern.  Please let me know if you make one!


Scrap Garden

I have 2 buckets full of 2.5″ strips.  In an effort to use up some of those strips, I started cutting out a new quilt last week. This is the quilt all laid out on the design wall.

The entire wall is now covered, and it never made a dent in the buckets of strips.  I started sewing the pieces together today.  It is brainless sewing, since I used a template for the half hex.

I finished listening to Prayers for Sale while sewing.  Not my favorite book, but not awful either.  Next up to listen to is The Glass Castle.  I may start it tomorrow.  Or not.  Sometimes, I need a day or two between books.   For some reason, I like to let the finished book “settle” before I start the new one.  Same is true for movies.  We watched Precious last night, and that will take a week or so before it “settles”.

Yesterday I had a half day to myself.  I went ALONE…. yes, ALONE….. to the local quilt shop to do a little retail therapy.  (My friend Kay S. says I was doing my civic duty by boosting the economy!)  I spent 2 glorious hours finding the fabrics I need for a new project that is spinning in my head.  I got a new book last week, and I am revising one of the patterns in it to make it the way I need to.

This is what I bought:

It is only the 2nd time I have ever bought oriental themed fabric.  I normally don’t like it.  But isn’t this one yummy?  And the first 4 fabrics in the top left corner are Fairy Frosts.  Those are the accents in the quilt.

I have to get that Scrap Garden off my wall so I can this new one up!  The new one will be time consuming.  Much more difficult piecing and layout.  Lots of planning.  I hope the effort is worth it.

Lonestar repair done

Remember this quilt?  (you can click on any photo to enlarge it)

I wanted to refurbish it to use as a tablecloth.

During the Olympics, I glued the replacement diamonds on.  Then I stitched them all down with a small zigzag,  made new binding and added it.  And washed and blocked the whole thing.



And now, in use.

It was worth the effort.

Pink Peep

One of my favorite peeps is Kay.  Even though I have never met her in person,  I communicate with her fairly often.  She is hysterically funny, and yet, down to earth.  I love her sense of humor.  And I love that we can call each other up and laugh about ourselves and each other.  Oh yeah, we are both quilters too.

Kay loves pink.  And polka dots.  And especially pink polka dots.  And pink.  All things pink.

So not long ago (gosh has it been that long ago?) Kay was talking about getting her hair “tipped”.  Yeah.  go ahead and google that.  I had to.  Really.  I am so NOT a girly girl.  So of course she got it done in pink.  No shit.  She really did.  God I love her.  She is not just spunky and cute and fun, she is brave and gutsy.  She did it.  She posted photos of it.

Here is my favorite one I snagged.  (ok, so today I finally got around to asking her if I could use it.  She said sure, as long as….. well, I wont tell you what she said I could not do with it.  I promise Kay, I won’t do that.)


So, I love portrait quilts.  Always have.  When I saw this photo, I knew I wanted to do it in a quilt.  But my skills….. umm…… were kind of lacking.  I have done portraits my own way, with no instruction, no book to go by, no real knowledge.  Doing it my typical fly by the seat of my pants kind of way.  It sorta works, but I finally broke down and bought this DVD by Maria Elkins.  It was SO worth the money.  Extremely well done.

I watched the DVD once, last week.  I have been itching to do a portrait all week.

Yesterday, I sat down and went thru photos.  I made FIVE patterns for portrait quilts yesterday.  With 7 different people in them.  Wow, I impressed myself!

And today I got as far as getting the first one put together, and machine ready…. ready to quilt.  That has to wait for another day.

kay 1

I can hardly wait to do another.

Lots of Leaves

A couple of weeks ago I was quilting leaves in my sleep!  Here is the finished product.  No, it does not belong to me.





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