Question for the Week

I will be gone for several days with no computer access, so thought I would leave you this week with a question. Steve and I discussed this earlier today, so we wondered if any of you had any enlightening answers for us.


See this fuzzy caterpillar? (I have no idea what they turn into, that is a separate, bonus question for you.) The local tale that goes along with these is this:

If the dark part on the front of the caterpillar is bigger than the part on the back, then the beginning of winter will be harsher than late winter. And if the dark part on the back of the caterpillar is bigger than that on the front, then winter the last part of winter will be harsh, and the beginning of winter will be milder.

The question is: do these caterpillars only crawl frontwards? Or can they crawl backwards too? If they only crawl frontwards, you can tell which is the front or the back. But if they can crawl both directions, how do you know the front from the back? Yes, that is more than one question. I know.

Now dont get all scientific on me. I know that some caterpillar expert can look at it and tell front from back. But I am talking the general schmo country bumpkin like me. I mean, I can tell a cow from a bull from a steer…… and a ewe from a ram…. but I swear I cant tell if this is a caterMR or a caterMS. Can you?

Don’t we have enlightening discussions in my car? The reason this even came up is that as I was driving out our road today to go for a pretty leaf drive, I ran over several of these caterpillars. So did I squash the girls, boys or both? ewwwwww (and apologies to my caterpillar loving friend Randi, who I surely hope I did not upset)


I am in charge of a Triptych Challenge on MQResource. Today I figured out what photos I will be using for my triptych. Actually, I am in 2 groups, so needed to choose 6 photos to work with. All 6 are photos taken on my trip to Arches National Park several months ago.

I am also in a postcard exchange with another group of people from MQResource. (my home on the net….. well, besides playing WordHunt on The postcards have to be black and white, with one other color. I got that figured out today too. And even found the perfect fabric I needed on our trip to the store today.

See you Thursday. Hope you have a great week!