Farm Funny

2 weeks ago, the neighbor kids were banging on the door.

Katie (3 yrs old)  Uncle Seeve, there’s a baby in the fence!  A baby!  I saw it!

Kevin (9 yrs old) Yeah, and we know who it’s Mom is cuz it’s after-carriage is hangin’ out its butt!

Steve and I slid our shoes on and I grabbed the camera to go out to  see the new baby.  We did all we could not to laugh out loud at the way they put it, as they were SO excited.

Sure enough, the calf had been born within the previous hour.   None of us witnessed the event, but got to see the new baby getting it’s first bath.  And the after carriage!

If you are squeamish?  Don’t look!



And a few days later……



Playing with Texture Magic

I bought some Texture Magic at MQX in April.  I finally got around to trying it a couple of weeks ago.

Texture Magic is a product sold by Superior Threads.  It looks and feels like lining fabrics.  After you quilt it, you steam it to make it shrink 30% in each direction.  The shrinkage creates more texture.

I used batting between the Texture Magic and cotton fabric, but the directions say you can do it with no batting.  I will  try that another time.  I  need to play and experiment more to figure out if I want the quilting lines to be closer or not.  I also want to try straight lines and a grid.   It will depend on the project as to what effect I am after.

So this is a little tutorial on what I did.

I basted it on the top of batting and backing on my longarm.  You can make a similar sandwich (with or without batting) and baste or pin together.


Then I quilted it on my longarm.  You can use a sewing machine, longarm or even by hand.  The key is to have fairly dense quilting to get more texture.


Here is the other side:


Then I steamed it.  You steam it on the Texture Magic side.  I used my 35 year old Steamstress that still works well.  I love that thing!  I doubt you are lucky enough to have an old Steamstress, so use a regular iron that steams well.


You can literally see it shrink before you eyes.  (hmm, maybe I should wrap my body in it and steam away the pounds)

Here it is all steamed and shrunk:


And the fabric side:


See the Magic???

I can see lots of possibilities for this product.  Purses, tote bags, or vests.  I dont ever make those kinds of things, so I will use some on a pillow for my first project.

Let me know what you use Texture Magic for.  And please share any tips along the way.

Lots of Leaves

A couple of weeks ago I was quilting leaves in my sleep!  Here is the finished product.  No, it does not belong to me.





Laying to rest

As I watch Michael Jackson’s memorial service, I can’t help but wonder why I am emotional about this service.  Why would I care?  Why did I care so much during Princess Diana’s funeral?  Or Ronald Reagan’s?  I never even met these people.

And it struck me:

we watch and think of those funerals we have been to before.  think of those we have loved and lost

see the symbols of life and death

feel what each symbol and song invokes in us

sing and dance to what moves us

mourn for what was ours and is no longer

or at least, is no longer ours in the same way

We think of our own mortality.

how long do I have left?  I have so much left to do….

who will mourn me?  will someone care?

will they know I loved them too?

Whether you loved his music or not, whether you enjoyed watching him or not, he changed our world as we know it.  He was an American icon…. a WORLD icon.  A part of our collective experience.

Perhaps what I loved most about MJ was his creativity.  His willingness to be himself, do things his way, forge his own path.

His death reminds me that I must use my own creative talents while I am able…continue to use what gifts God has given ME to impact my own little piece of this world.

And a little directive to my family and those that are involved in my life…. take the quilts and use them.  display them.  love them.  share them.  the rest the stuff?  it is just stuff.  the quilts were created with my heart and soul.

Now, I better get busy and create some more…..

PS to Neil and Steve:  gold coffin not necessary.  pine box just fine.  maple or oak would be extra nice.

William drives the dumptruck

Just a few shots of the kids when they were here last week.

Hey Elizabeth… look out the window!  There are cows out there.


Thanks for moving out of my way……



Because I LIKE to drive this dumptruck!


These are my grandkids, Elizabeth and William.  William broke his leg a week ago, while visiting a museum in Pittsburgh.   That put a few kinks in their overall vacation plans, but all survived.

While here, William had only had the cast a few days and was still figuring out how to maneuver.  He will be 2 at the end of August.  Elizabeth is 5.

How appropriate

How appropriate……

look what we saw today (July 4, 2009) when we took our lunch to the lake.



The eagle was interested in fish….

Steve was interested in his chicken dinner from the local Dairy Isle.


We hadnt planned on going anywhere today, it just happened.  We both finished up the quilts we were working on by 1pm, so jumped in the car and went to grab something to eat.  Our favorite little restaurant had closed early, so we went to Dairy Isle.  Took it to the lake and enjoyed the first sunshine we have seen in a week.

We walked around, then went over to the marina to take more pictures.  A drive around the backside of the lake to find the herons, and then home.  It was fun to get out.  We should do it more often.

Happy 4th

Would you like to go up here?


I know I wouldnt be able to go up and down that many steps, but oh boy, would I love to take the tour to the crown of the Statue of Liberty.  I just watched Susan Candioti on CNN do a tour.  Thanks to technology,  I felt like I was there.

May you all have a happy and safe 4th of July.  We are staying home, working and will throw a steak on the grill tonite.  No fireworks, unless our neighbors have some.

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