In my lifetime….

In my lifetime……

I have seen the sign “whites only” at the drinking fountain

Saw whites only at the front of the bus

Went to a school that was mandated to start busing to integrate

In my lifetime…..

I was inspired by Jesse Jackson’s speech at the Rainbow Coalition meeting at McCormick Place in Chicago

Was inspired by Martin Luther King

Was shocked and saddened by the assassination of John Kennedy…

…  Martin Luther King

…    Bobby Kennedy

In my lifetime…

I have heard family and acquaintances use the “n” word, even tho that word was not allowed in our house

have known many bigots and racists

have wondered when we could just all be one community

In my lifetime….

will I see a black president?

In my lifetime.

I have hope it will be so.



I am a Democrat.  But have almost always voted a split ticket in some fashion.  So far I have been undecided.  (I could be an independent, cept then you cant vote in the primary.)

I like Obama.  But it really bugs me that he swings between educated lingo and ghetto lingo.   (petty I know, but it seems so phony.  which is it gonna be?)  I want one or the other, not both.  either way, it seems….. well…… not presidential.

And McCain is old. every day he looks older.   too old to be effective.  heck, he doesnt know or doesnt wanna tell me how many homes he has?  did he forget?  or is he avoiding the question?  either way, it seems….. well…… not presidential.

so then theres Hillary.  I dont like Hillary.  Never did.  Wasnt gonna watch her speech tonite…. but really, what else is on?

So we watched.  O M G!  This is the first time in history that I actually liked her.  That she seemed honest, straightforward and ….. even presidential.  *gasp*  Her speech was great.

Did it sway me?  Maybe.  Probably.

Big things for me:

Which one is gonna:

fix healthcare

create more jobs, keep more jobs here in the USA

improve the economy

make sure Social Security is there for my son and grandkids (hell, lets make sure it is there for ME !)

get out of Iraq and Afghanistan

hmmmmm…… maybe I shoulda voted for Hillary??

What is it?

Steve comes in tonite with this…….

and wants to know what it is.  yeah.  like I would know.  uh huh.

So…. we go back outside with my camera and take pictures of the whole plant.

yeah, right, like I would know….uh huh.

oh….. so YOU know what this is???  well, arent you smart.

You could look it up like I did.  And find out that some websites say it is poisonous/toxic to humans, horses, dogs, cattle.  Some sites say it is not poisonous, although it has not been tested on humans.  (well, gee, wonder why? why not use some death row inmates for trial studies? …. oh, but I digress)  Indians used it to make rope.  give up?  dont give a flip?

Answer:  Hemp dogbane. (Apocynum cannabinum L.)

Also known as:  American hemp, bowmans root, Choctaw root, dogsbane, Indian hemp, rheumatism weed, snake’s milk.

yeah, I knew that.  bet you did too.

and yeah, we washed our hands after handling it.

I’m workin on it

You keep asking about our studio…..  I’m workin on it!  Not done, but have made tons of progress.

Here it is an hour ago, with still lots to do.

View from the main entry to studio:

Hey, it’s quittin time boss!  After 7 and still working?

Yeah, I knocked off early.  Here is my machine. I get terrific side light from those windows.

This is the main entry to the studio.  The white shelf doesnt belong there, nor does the empty small brown bookshelf.  They both need to find their proper homes yet.  Hopefully the card table will eventually be replaced by a desk.

Ok, over there, where Steve sees out the windows….. he also sees all my crap.  I’m workin on it i tell ya!

Morroccan Tiles

Here’s a pretty quilt I did a few weeks ago, before we moved to the new studio. I think I forgot to show it to you. Maybe because I didnt want you to covet it as much as I do? This is one of my favorite quilts ever. Colors, design, fabrics, piecing, quilting….. alas, it is NOT mine. I just wish it were! I took a boatload of pictures, these are the only 2 that arent blurry. Darn.

Here’s the back:

The quilt is called Moroccan Tiles.

The quilt with cups and saucers? Name of that one is Paris Cafe’. Pattern is by an Australian designer I believe. If you Google it, you can find kits for it.


Lots of longarm quilters prefer busy fabrics for the backing of quilts. Steve and I prefer plainer backs so you end up with 2 quilts in one…. reversible. We know it is a matter of personal preference, so whatever the client prefers is fine with us.

This gal normally brings busy backs. When she picked up this quilt today she was stunned. She is now a convert to plainer backs! It’s always fun for me to see that happen….. gives me the giggles.

Her only request on this little quilt was that I emphasize the stars some how.

Here is the back:

Cups and saucers

Because I told Kay I would…… here are pictures of a quilt I did the other day.  Enjoy the pink and the polka dots, Kay!

If it were mine (and it’s not) I would call it cups and saucers.

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